UPDATED: All of boxing journalist Gabriel Montoya’s stories on drugs in boxing collected in one place, as well as three comprehensive pieces from Thomas Hauser

Many must-read articles here for anybody interested in the most prevalent problem in boxing: performance enhancing drugs.

1. We begin in March 2010. Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather are in fight negotiations earlier in the year for a mega-fight showdown between the two best fighters of our era. If you read this article by Thomas Hauser, you’ll get a grasp on the subject before heading into Montoya’s first article.


2. These two links are called “The PED Mess” by Thomas Hauser. A lot of the links collected here were reference points for this excellent piece of work.



3. March 2010 – This a Mayweather interview Montoya did that got him more interested than ever in drug testing, what tests there were and what this whole subject was about. This is the beginning.


4. Mayweather and Mosley Usher in a New Era by Agreeing to USADA Standards


5. This one is about the Voluntary Anti-Doping Association (VADA) but also discusses the history of PEDs.


6. This article talked about the testing done for Alexander vs. Maidana last year. It laid out a path for a cheater to escape punishment in an anti-doping case.

Ironically, the defense discussed was used by MLB National League MVP Ryan Braun’s lawyers the following week to escape his 50 game suspension for testosterone use.


7. This one is a conversation with Voluntary Anti-Doping Association (VADA) President Dr. Goodman about PEDs. They discuss the popular drug synthetic testosterone in here.


8. This one is about how badly Texas screwed up by not testing any fighter on a Top Rank card which included Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr. vs Marco Antonio Rubio. There is a thread about T/E ratios in this story that is expanded into the next link.


9. This one is about the T/E ratio testosterone loophole in New York and Nevada. Really, the loophole applies to all sports even under current standards.


10. Montoya wrote this in 2011 about the Juan Manuel Marquez-Angel “Memo” Heredia connection.


11. Bob Arum hangs up on Montoya for asking about drug testing. This is funny because Pacquiao’s promoter, Bob Arum, in an effort to quiet suspicion about Heredia, declares steroids a thing of about “five-ten years ago.”


12. “Conte responds to Angel Heredia Defamation suit.”


13. Spring 2012 – This was written as the lead-in to Mayweather-Cotto. It links Mayweather to Don Hale, the owner of 24 hormone replacement therapy clinics currently being sued by the state of Tennessee for misleading the public with his product. The Tennessee state attorney general referred to his product as “mega-doses of synthetic testosterone.”


14. This is Montoya’s coverage of the Lamont Peterson case.


15. This piece has three anti-doping legends speaking on the ramifications of the Peterson positive test.


16. Dr. Goodman on the Peterson positive and VADA’s handling of it.


17. These two attempt to explain the Andre Berto positive drug test.



18. This story details drug testing for the Golden Boy-promoted Wright-Quillin fight. USADA abruptly stopped testing after collecting samples from both men.


19. This was a legal threat sent to Montoya by Golden Boy accusing him of spreading a rumor and looking into a potential clause that would allow for a fighter to test positive and still be allowed to compete.


20. Antonio Tarver tests positive for Drostanolone


21. This story summarizes the events of the Spring and fallout from it


22. Nonito Donaire Goes All In With 24/7/365 VADA Testing


23. Arum and Donaire Discuss VADA Testing and the Future, plus Mayweather news.


24. October 2012 – This details Morales-Garcia 2 and how Morales tested positive under USADA testing and yet was allowed to fight anyways.


25. This details how Robert Guerrero and Andre Berto wanted VADA testing for their fight but instead ended up having USADA testing.


26. This is another case of USADA cancelling testing in a fight.


27. 2012’s Memo Heredia-Marquez piece.


28. In the middle of the lead-in to Pacquiao-Marquez 4, the discussion turns to strength and conditioning coaches, a potentially controversial component to any camp in some insiders’ views.


29. Boxing’s Biggest Problem Needs Bob Arum.


30. Nonito Donaire leads Boxing into the Future. This one details Nonito Donaire’s program with Victor Conte and VADA.


31. Boxing’s PED Problem: Where do we go from here?


32. Peterson vs. Holt: Another Bad Precedent for Boxing?


2 thoughts on “UPDATED: All of boxing journalist Gabriel Montoya’s stories on drugs in boxing collected in one place, as well as three comprehensive pieces from Thomas Hauser

  1. First of all, the State Sports Commissions should investigate USADA and their connection with AL Haymon, GBP(ODLH, Schaefer) and Floyd jr/Sr.. These 5 people who acussed Pacquiao of using PEDs without any shred od evidence, yet all the above articles memtioned their names in very compromising situations. NSAC in particular should enforce its authority and do away with the rules that these 5 people started in the guise of cleaning the sport, except if they were the ones in question. NSAC should subpoena the results of Marquez, Morales, Floyd, etc. and question USADA. It’s time to truly clean the sport!

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