February 27th’s Random boxing rants

– Good news – Mayweather-Guerrero finally set for May 4th (along with a shocking move from Mayweather over to Showtime from HBO), but the real good news is that we are not forced to deal with Mayweather-Alexander, which would surely have been the most boring PPV showdown since Pacquiao-Mosley.

Bad news – Canelo-Trout looking increasingly likely to fall apart because Mayweather is reluctant to commit to fighting Canelo in September should both win their next fights.


– I’m relieved that Bradley-Provodnikov will now have doping controls under the auspices of VADA, rather than the more flawed USADA, as was originally planned. Hopefully one day this will be the norm for major fights.


-Abril-Bogere fight for a vacant Lightweight title this weekend. Adrien Broner will likely only have one more fight at 135. If a fight with the winner of the Burns-Vazquez unification can’t be made, then this is the only acceptable alternative.

I, for one, would be intrigued to see how Broner would deal with the slippery style of Richard Abril (who, don’t forget, utterly dominated Brandon Rios last year), and a crushing win over someone of that calibre might be enough for Broner to enter my pound for pound top ten.


-Well done to Audley Harrison. The man has more lives than a cat, as he rose from the ashes once more to put together three dominant wins in one night to become the first ever double Prizefighter champion. Revenge over Martin Rogan, as well as one of the best wins of his career over Derric Rossy, must have been particularly sweet. How he did this after the abject humiliation of his defeats to David Haye and David Price is beyond me.

There’s no reason he can’t still be a factor at domestic level, and fights with the likes of Richard Towers, Sam Sexton, Ian Lewison, Matt Skelton, or Dereck Chisora would all be very interesting.


– David Price will forever have question marks about his chin, lingering since the amateurs, especially now that he has been detonated by one punch to the ear in the pros. His fast track to the world title has been jettisoned, but it could be a good thing in the long run if he is allowed to improve more steadily. Wladmir Klitschko created the blueprint for recovering from devastating knockout losses to become a dominant champion. However, he has A LOT of work ahead of him.

I still think he would knock out Tyson Fury with relative ease. And I still think he will be a world titlist some day.

Another by-product of the knockout: the proposed future Price v Chisora fight just got a lot more interesting.


– Fair play to Tony Thompson though. Many questioned his ambition, and he came in overweight on the scales, but this performance has thrust him right back into the HW top ten. He can look forward to big British fights in the future with Tyson Fury, and a rematch with Price.

First though, Tyson Fury has to get past Steve Cunningham in April, and I can actually see an upset happening there.

This might be the cynic in me speaking, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Tyson suddenly got an “injury” which forced a cancellation of that fight, and he moved straight on to Thompson.

Thompson’s win also makes Wladimir Klitschko’s two dominant knockouts over Thompson look a lot better on his resume.


– Here’s one of the biggest problems I’ve identified with the HW division. People criticize the Klitschko’s for being boring and their dominance sucking the life out of the division.

But, guess what? There are many compelling fights to be made between all of the contenders, young and old, below the Klitschko brothers. Recent examples which fell through would be Price v Fury and Pulev v Adamek.

The problem is nobody wants to make them. Instead of actually earning a title shot by beating the fellow aspiring contenders around them, fighters and their management are content to fight nobodies and wait to be picked out of the hat by Berndt Boente and handed their paycheck for 200-300k. If you have a semblance of a fanbase (think Wach or Mormeck), then you don’t actually have to win any big fights to get a title opportunity.


– But this complacent attitude results in people like Tom Tsatas appearing in the boxing landscape.

Tsatas, the idiotic manager of badly faded former HW contender turned washed-up has-been Fres Oquendo, made some minor headlines this past week with a scathing open letter he addressed to ESPN journalist Dan Rafael, in which he came off as a barely literate and delusional Neanderthal.

Tsatas was unhappy with Rafael’s disdain for a rumoured Klitschko v Oquendo fight, which thankfully never came to fruition.

I highlighted the letter on this blog, labelling it “idiotic”, which caused Tsatas to react angrily –


What followed was a hilarious exchange where I totally schooled the ignorant Tsatas on Oquendo’s  utter ineptitude as a genuine contender at this advanced stage of his faltering career –


Tsatas seems to believe that, having not scored a significant win in the past 12 years, beating three opponents with a combined record of 66-50 has earned Oquendo a cast-iron mandate to challenge for the Heavyweight championship of the world.

I think Boxingscene’s David Greisman summed it up best in a tweet response to this whole mess: “Fast Fres, slow manager”.

My amusing discussion with the delusional manager of Fres Oquendo continues

* The following is an email I received from Tom Tsatas in response to the comment I left at the following link: https://pound4poundireland.wordpress.com/2013/02/19/idiotic-yet-hilarious-open-letter-from-fres-oquendos-manager-to-dan-rafael-in-response-to-his-rubbishing-of-a-potential-wladimir-klitschko-v-oquendo-fight/

This is followed by my own rebuttal to what I feel are his idiotic assertions regarding Fres Oquendo’s legitimacy as a heavyweight contender. As you can see below, I have been given permission by Mr. Tsatas to share our correspondence in this public setting:



I am a very busy man but I will take one last obvious waste of my time at attempting to educate some of you who in my opinion contribute nothing positive to society. First of all I can care less about you, Dan Rafael, the joke called boxing or what you have to say or what anybody else thinks. I make no money and have absolutely nothing to gain financially from Boxing so I can speak the truth. I only wish to uphold the legacy of my mentor Angelo and that of the 5th St Gym. I do what’s best for Fres as his manager but only have to answer to God and the man in the mirror. I also know what is the truth and do not need to have anybody, especially someone like you or Rafael, neither re-enforce what I say or gain your acceptance for what I believe or say. I would also prefer people would stop telling me how I’m denigrating Angelo’s name. I adored Angelo but I am still my own man and stand on my own character. I have learned the hard way unfortunately at the expense of my fighter so while you and Dan stand from afar spewing your nonsense and think you are being helpful in some perverse way, it’s only for your own affirmation to yourselves that you actually mean anything to anyone or are important enough for people to care about what you have to say, which is a falsehood.

I will dissect your points because my video and letter were based on facts, obviously something you overlooked. Boxing is an aggressive sport. If you feel my response was aggressive its maybe because you are insecure.

As far as your “idiot” comment towards me, I have a college degree, studied at the University of Chicago for my masters. I own 5 successful restaurants and manage the #5 Heavyweight in the world, have worked with my close friend David Haye whom I have known for many years, and you are posting MY letter. You write for a website nobody knows about. Yet you call me an idiot based on your emotions never having met me or spoken to me. In addition to that, I really don’t need you to tell me what’s beneficial because I know the Klits will never fight Fres for the reason they have nothing to gain but humiliation and exposure. You go on to say Fres is not qualified and the WBA ranking doesn’t matter. I don’t even know where to begin.

Fres has been the WBA, WBC, WBO Latino Champion as well as the NABF, USBA & NABA HW Champion as well as a 2 time World title Challenger. The ONLY fighter in history to do that. In one of his 2 title challenges he beat Chris Byrd and was robbed. NOBODY disputes that. Larry Merchant, George Foreman, Jim Lampley and Harold Lederman all thought he won. Don King himself who cheated on behalf of Chris Byrd and Chris Byrd himself both ADMITTED Fres won. Vitali QUIT against him.

Every American HW champion has held one of these belts including Ali, Foreman, Norton all the way up to Vladimyr Klitschko.


NABA same thing. Samuel Peter, Shannon Briggs, Valuev, Brewster


USBA includes, Trevor Berbick, Tim witherspoon, Chris Byrd, Hasim Rahman, David Tua, Samuel Peter, Evander Holyfield, Eddie Chambers and Bryant Jennings. Are you with me so far Jeremy?

On the Latino belts:WBA Fedelatin include Luis Ortiz (#2 WBA) Bermaine Stieverne WBC#1) WBC Latino includes Shannon Briggs, Luis Ortiz, Odlanier Solis and Cedric Boswell who got a title shot against Povetkin. WBO Latino-Luis Ortiz and Carl Davis Drummond who was given a chance at the WBA Heavyweight Belt. So far not looking good for you Jeremy. Thus far Fres seems to be the only guy to hold these belts but the only guy not to be at #1 or have been given a title shot last 10 years. Hmmm. OK lets move on. So out of the 7 or 8 Fres has had there must be on that is worthy, no?

Staying on your WBA comment:

We are the ONLY fighter along with David Haye in the top 15 who is not promoted with a huge promotional banner. So if there is a specific reason you feel we have somehow paid off the WBA please apprise me and elaborate on how I can get Fres to be the mandatory. Because David Haye whom is my best friend was moved to number 1 after losing to Vlad and beating a guy with 3 straight losses.

Luis Ortiz(WBA#2) has never fought 8 rounds. His last 4 fights the combined record of his opponents is 65-42-2. His last fight his opponent was 13-9, the one before it was his opponents DEBUT, and the one before that his opponent’s record was 1-2.(Not a spell check) This guy is the #2 WBA ranked fighter. He has a total of 19 fights less than half of Fres, and 76 pro rounds, less than FIVE TIMES less than Fres.

Ruslan Chagaev (WBA#3)has fought 2 8 rounders against his last opponent who was 12-18 and his prior opponent who was 25-12. Havent heard you criticize those 2 guys?

Dennis Boytsov(WBA#4) who has not fought for a year simply scheduled a fight and was moved in front of Fres to #4. It took a year for us as a former WBA title challenger and we were waiting til an opening came about and we fought a guy was 28-3 for the WBA Intetim Latino Belt. His opponent a couple weeks ago was 11-5 and it was 8 rounds. I think that point is moot now.

Next you talk about Fres’ last 3 wins. We’re you at any of those fights? I would presume no. Therefore you are prejudging something you never saw by a piece of paper. As far as Joey Abel he came to fight. 6’5″ 240 southpaw and skilled was no cakewalk. It is if you or Dan Rafael judge because you look at Chris Areola beating Joey in 1 round and that’s where your critique is made.  So for me to explain that Joey came to win and fought valiantly and excellent that night as did buster Douglass vs Mike Tyson would be pointless. Now herein comes Robert Hawkins. If you look at this guy you see a guy with losses. But I see a guy who in 43 professional fights and 300 rounds, he has been stopped 4 times, one of those due to injury not through punches. Francesco Pianetta, Bermaine Stieverne, Maurice Harris, Samuel Peter, David Tua, Dennis Boytsov, Oleg Maskaev, Kevin Johnson could not stop him yet Fres did it with a broken hand. What you don’t realize that these workhorses are experienced and cagey unlike these guys like Wach who have been spoon-fed guys. All you look at is the 0 in the Loss section. These guys Hawkins fought are all either top 5 ranked fighters, recent world title challengers or World Champions. Did you know that Jeremy? Or Dan? Probably not because you never mentioned that while laughing at Fres and me.

Now let’s move on. You say Fres has not had a significant win. Again. I will ask you have you seen any of his fights where he was told by judges he lost? I would bet again the answer is no. So let’s talk a little about Fres’ record and opponents. He was 108-5 as an amateur. In his 11th fight he fought Olympian Duncan Dokiwari. He was a 10-1 underdog. He fought Phil Jackson (42-7) Bert Cooper (35-10) , Dale Crowe(18-2) Olympian Cuban Ramon Garbay(14-2)  and by his 19th fight he fought a guy who was knocking everybody out and had beat an undefeated Lamon Brewster. Fres was a 10-1 underdog. He knocked the black rhino down 7 times and softened him up for Tyson. Then comes a KO with Obed Sullivan (39-7) (who had fought Vitali and got injured in round 9 for WBO, and gone to a split decision with Hasim Rahman) and David Izon (27-3) (whose 3 losses were to David Tua, Michael Grant and Mo Harris all top 10 fighters). This sets up his next fight. Fres as a young undefeated kid fights the most devastating fighter in boxing, David Tua. He was winning every second of every minute and in the 9th round he severely twisted his ankle, lost focus, which you can’t do against Tua, and got caught. Never given a standing 8 count, never went down yet fight was stopped. Ok no problem.  Not one top ranked fighter, even today, would fight David Tua.

Fres devastated after his 1st loss comes back to fight a 31-4 fighter George Arias and sets up a fight which would led him to his title shot. King put thim in against Mo Harris hoping Fres would lose but Fres winds u KO Harris to the devil’s surprise because Fres was down on the scorecards. One of the only times back then. This finally sets up Fres for his IBF title shot vs Chris Byrd. Fres a clear underdog out boxed, out slicked and out fought Chris Byrd knocking him down twice and both were ruled a slip. One of the scorecards had Fres losing 117-111. Chris Byrd as he is hearing the scores tells his wife “He won, he won”. Upon hearing the score the crowds yell Bull Shit, George Foreman accuses the judges of being bought and shortly after that retires from broadcasting. CompuBox score favor Fres, Jim Lampley, Larry Merchant and Lederman all had Fres winning and the beginning of Fres’ being screwed has just begun. This is the last time Fres makes a decent payday. He got lucky enough to at a shot at Ruiz. However, in the background, Felix Trinidad SR. retires and sells Fres’ managerial contract to Tito’s godfather for $1. Fres, having to much respect for his trainer, goes along with it and his manager Pepe Ramos is in cahoots with Don King robbing Fres blind. He takes Fres’ training expenses and buys a new house and car while Fres is left to use a part time bouncer as his chief and only sparring partner. In addition Fres has a torn Labrum and is in deep depression from the situation. He winds up fighting Ruiz in a horrible display and loses by premature stoppage and winds up with $15,000 after King and Ramos rob him blind.

He leaves Puerto Rico, moves back to Chicago, has surgery and comes back with a new promoter Lou DiBella. I will not go into details from here but I will simple mention a few things on Fres’ behalf. He beat a couple ok to decent guys to fight Holyfield in the Real Deals 2nd home in Texas. Fres got strep-throat/Tonsillitis the week of the fight. He had 102 degree fever going in. I made the mistake due to pressure not canceling it and we needed a KO to beat Holyfield. Fres took $31,470 home in a fight he should have been paid $250,000. His check bounced. Fres clearly outpointed a tough Holyfield a bit past his prime. Holyfield did go ahead and fight Valuev for the WBA Belt in a boring fight he clearly won, but thats another story. If you look at the numbers Fres was never out thrown or out landed in any round in neither jabs, power or total punches. Not that reality or the truth ever matter but rather who is more popular is what counts. Let us not let the actually fighting get in the way of a good publicity campaign. Lets  go on.

Back to step one again. At this point most guys would quit, start drinking and beat their wives or start wearing woman’s stockings while on cocaine. Fres decided to start fighting again. A few wins, one against a tough Cuban Elisier Castillo in 120 room on ESPN tears his bicep which leaves him out for a year. A quick comeback win against Alexander gets him back in the ring. Before you start on Alexander. Shannon Briggs, Deontay Wilder, Solis and  many more have used this kid for a win to a title shot way after Fres beat him so lets not be hypocritical.

So on 5 days notice we get a call to fight James Toney, on his promoters card in his home of California. Knowing we need a great performance or a KO, which has never been done, we take the chance at the big name. We were friends with James and had helped him in sparring. Fres had beat him so bad Freddy(Roach) was embarrassed and had to stop the sparring at Wildcard. We were never allowed to record and there is a copy out there somewhere. Anyway I am sure you did not watch that fight but, AGAIN, we lose a split decision. Coincidence, I’m sure. You can look at the numbers again, as I said; Total Punches Fres 222/746 Toney 154/291 Analysts had it 116-112 for Oquendo and scoring by VS viewers had Fres 115-112. Oh they took a point away from Fres for a rabbit punch which was on the side of the head. Last 4 rounds Fres out landed him like 150 to 58. It was actually comical. The California commissioner at the time just asked me for forgiveness a month ago at the WBC convection for what happened in that fight. Boxing is great huh? Lets keep going almost done.

We beat a former champion Bruce Seldon(40-7) by KO and a tough Mark Brown (14-1) to set up a fight with Demetrice King. I am sure you and Dan are laughing at this one on your computer. Oquendo is fighting a guy who is 15-17. Ha ha ha. Laughing at Fres the joke. Well laugh harder because Demetrice King KO Bowie Toupou an undefeated 18-0 prospect at the time (who just dropped Bryant Jennings in his last fight) and Bervaine Stieverne, (Sound familiar Jeremy?WBC#1 today) a Don King up & coming prospect. Furthermore in 35 professional fights Mr. Demetrice has been stopped by only 2 men. Can you guess who they are? Former HW Champ Shannon Briggs and yep, can you believe it, Fres Oquendo. Not even David Tua could stop him. Kevin Johnson, Michael Grant, Chazz Witherspoon all big punchers could not do it. Not the 2nd coming but still impressive.

Alrightey then, this propels Fres hight enough for the Mormeck folks & sets us up for a fight with Mormeck. By this time I was not comfortable with this fight but Mormeck comes along and offers Fres good money, but in France, I didnt like it but I was busy taking care of my father and told Fres it was his call. In a stupid,  (maybe the most stupid decision) he takes the fight. He makes the mistake of getting there the week of, does not sleep and uses a new trainer. On no sleep he goes in beats the shit out of Mormeck, but, with some help from the ref when Mormeck got in trouble, he needed the 2 extra rounds to probably stop the hard headed Frenchmen. To call this a highway robbery is again a joke. It was worse. Fres out landed and out threw this guy in every round but one maybe, in all three departments;Jabs, power and total. This the fight your guy Rafael called “robbery of the year.” The irony is this is the fight everybody is using as an excuse for Vlad not to fight Fres. Unbelievable.

Anyway, the McCall fight was no different. We were at my gym training, we went to get some sparring and asked the promoter to put us on a show to get Fres a win. He begged us to use McCall because he was broke, destitute and needed the money so Fres and I paid Oliver to be the opponent to help him out. Oliver was training helping Ray Austin so he came in great shape. We were suppose to come out of the red corner(the”winning corner”) we paid for the opponent, the show, the sanctioning fees etc.. On the way to the ring they flipped the script and put us in the “losing corner” where we, in typical corrupt boxing form, lost another split decision. We contested and obviously got us nowhere. Consequently, the promoter, Henry Rivalta, sold out Oliver for Cedric Boswell, got him a bogus decision and a shot at Povetkin to cash out on my dime and hard work. I was conned by a prostitue. Henry Rivalta.

The Florida commissioner, Thomas Malloy, is on the run for criminally embezzling money with his assistant (with whom he was cheating on his wife) and there is a warrant to arrest him. Great group of guys huh? So that is where we are.

So, guys like you and Dan Rafael want to call me an idiot and condemn a guy like Fres.

In conclusion and for the LAST TIME and to sound like a broken record. Fres has been through the ringer. He has fough a tough 300 rounds at HW which is more than Vitali and a few rounds short of Vlad against what is in my opinion tougher opponents. I am also sure it is NOT a coincidence that in his losses he was not defeated but cheated in opponents’ home town where the facts and numbers favor him undeniably and unequivocally. I have yet to find any reputable boxing writer to tell me Fres lost to Byrd, Holyfield, Toney, Mormeck or McCall. The analysts, writers, viewers and people keeping score in these instances have all overwhelmingly agreed that Fres was the winner. To take the words out of Vitali’s own mouth, the reason he chose to fight Derek Chisora after losing his last fight to that Fin Hellenius is “He actually won that fight”.

So the Klits are hypocrites. Although they were knocked out or quit, especially Vlad, against at best average fighters, they were given 3rd 4th and 5th chances. Fres won his chance and was cheated. There was no room for error for the KLITS. They were knocked out or quit. Fres was not. EVER. They do not want to fight Fres and there is NO DOUBT in my mind that you and Dan Rafael know nothing about Heavyweights or the business of Boxing because you would not make the “crass” comments that you have made. If you even dream about Pianetta or Jennings deserving a shot at the title more than Fres you should wake up and apologize. I have been to many training camps, gyms and paid sparring partners and have been in many corners the past decade. I learned under Freddie Roach and Angelo Dundee. You have done nothing but sit behind a computer and type words. I know you and Rafael’s type. But I have the education, intelligence background and capabilities to match both of you tit for tat so you cannot bully me like you do these fighters. I have a profound respect for fighters having been one one in my life, albeit not at the level as some of these guys, but enough to know how to deal with weasels like you and Rafael. I would gladly debate you, Rafael and either Klitschko face to face with ease on my facts. I have wasted the past few hours writing this and I have nothing else to say except good luck to you, the paper champions named Klits, and to whomever sub par Fres opponent they decide to fight. I am done with this subject. So do what you want with this response and leave me alone.


Tom tsatas

PS> If there are spelling errors I am sorry”






Thanks for your detailed response Tom, and, even though I disagree with almost all of what you have written, I will be sure to share our differing POVs side by side on my site, as you have given me the permission to do so.

Let me deal with some of the points you bring up in detail.

I didn’t call you an “idiot” or “delusional” out of any emotional reaction, but simply because I feel that the premise you propagate of Fres as a legitimate HW contender with a cast-iron right to challenge for the title is ridiculous.

I don’t understand what point you are trying to make by trumpeting the supposed importance of these various sanctioning body trinkets. They are meaningless baubles which are contested only as a means to garner a favourably high ranking with the sanctioning body in question.

You say many world titleholders have held these belts at one time or another, and this is true: they fought for them, and paid their sanctioning fees, as a stepping stone towards a title opportunity. As achievements by themselves, the belts mean nothing. They are just part of the business of boxing.

You say that Fres is the only fighter to “to hold these belts but the only guy not to be at #1 or have been given a title shot [in the] last 10 years”.

This is 100% false, as can be seen from a quick perusal of all the former NABF, USBA, NABA, WBO Latino, WBC Latino and WBA Fedelatin beltholders from the past decade: Whitaker, Fields, Sykes, Bergeron, Ahunanya, Rodriguez, Timur Ibragimov, Castillo, Walker, Harris, Moli, Releford, Dominguez, Mollo, Basile, Love, Nascimento, Basile, Bydenko, Golota, Chitsaz, Wright, Costa Junior, Pucheta, Chapman, Davis and Banks.

That is a total of 27 fighters other than Oquendo who have held one of these belts in the past decade, and also not received a HW title shot because of it. And this is deliberately omitting young HWs like Jennings and Ortiz who may yet garner a shot in the future.

David Haye is a former WBA HW titlist, and former lineal champion (inc. WBA beltholder) at Cruiserweight, so it’s not surprising that a win over Chisora, who had lost 3 of his last 4 against excellent competition, would elevate him to the WBA’s number 1 ranking, despite his near shutout defeat to Wladimir in which he ran for the entire fight. One would think that this humiliating defeat for a true world level HW in Haye (labelled derisively by many boxing fans on this side of the Atlantic as “toe-gate”) would be evidence enough that a faded, 39yo Oquendo has no chance v a Klitschko, but I guess that doesn’t matter to you when you’re too busy desperately begging against all logic for a final payday.

I find it hilarious that you are criticizing the WBA rankings so vehemently, since they are your main source of argument for saying that Fres deserves a title shot! You love to trumpet the fact that they rank him as the number 5 contender in the world, as if you were quoting an objective ranking list of the world’s best.

Of course you are correct when you say that Chagaev, Ortiz and Boytsov in no way merit inclusion in anyone’s HW top 5, but for the same reasons you have outlined, neither does Fres. At least Chagaev is a former titlist, and Ortiz and Boytsov and young and unbeaten, if untested.

You can’t have your cake and eat it, by saying on one hand how prestigious the sanctioning bodies’ regional belts are, and how fantastic Oquendo’s lofty WBA ranking is, yet on the other hand asserting that the WBA’s ranking are a pile of horse shit. By doing so, Tom, you are assuming the most hypocritical of positions.

Your defence of Fres’ recent opposition is also laughable, as is your comparison of Joey Abell with Buster Douglas. And you need to realize that stopping journeymen, when others may have only won lopsided decisions over them, does not merit a world title shot! Maybe you think that everyone who manages to score a rare ko over the likes of Zack Page should be number 1 contender to the Klitschkos then haha?

To answer your question, yes, I have seen Fres’ disputed defeats to Byrd and Toney.

I said that Fres has had no significant wins since, depending on how you look at it, 2001 or 2003. So, you go on to quote me a load of achievements from pre-2001 haha, unable to dispute the assertion that I have made about the opposition he’s defeated in the past decade.

There are a few things I take issue with in your lengthy exposition of Fres’ career:

1.      “Not one top ranked fighter, even today, would fight David Tua”—haha, I think a LOT of fighters wouldn’t mind a decent payday beating up on the shell of Tua down in New Zealand today.

2.      The John Ruiz v Oquendo stoppage was most definitely not “premature”.

3.      “[Oquendo fought] a tough Holyfield a bit past his prime”—the 2006 Holyfield was a lot more than a bit past his prime, he was badly faded by that point (even though he almost beat Valuev the following year).

4.      “Fres had beat him so bad Freddy(Roach) was embarrassed and had to stop the sparring at Wildcard”—more unsubstantiated sparring stories, do you have any proof of this?

5.      I am well aware of Demetrice King’s record, but even though he has shown a good chin and scored a couple of upset wins, stopping him does not constitute a high quality victory.

6.      Kevin Johnson is hardly a “big puncher”

7.      “He has fough a tough 300 rounds at HW which is more than Vitali and a few rounds short of Vlad against what is in my opinion tougher opponents” – this is perhaps the stupidest thing you’ve said. The quality of opponents that the Klitschko brothers have fought and defeated over the years is far greater than Oquendo’s level of opposition.

I find it ridiculous that you label fighters who have beaten the Klitschkos, Sanders, Brewster and Byrd “at best average fighters”, yet you seem to have higher esteem for the likes of Abell, Hawkins, Brown and Castillo, whom you label “experienced”, “skilled” and “tough”.

Pianeta and Jennings are unbeaten young HWs in the prime of their careers. I don’t rate either of them all that highly, and they haven’t exactly earned a title shot, but the VAST majority of boxing fans would agree with me that they make far more interesting challengers for the Klitschkos at this stage of their careers than a near 40yo Fres Oquendo without a win over a significant opponent for 10+ years.

Like I said before, if Fres can beat someone like Adamek, Helenius or Pulev, then maybe we could talk about him getting a world title shot. That is one of the biggest problems in HW boxing today, instead of going out an earning a title shot, fighters and their management are content to fight nobodies and wait to be picked out of the hat by Berndt Boente and handed their paycheck for 200-300k.

Fres can continue to beat all the Joey Abells he wants and it will not garner him a shred of credibility outside of a few sychophants in Miami, clinging to the reputation of a gym which has slid in fame behind the Wild Card, Kronk and Mayweather boxing club in the past decade.

You call the Klitschko’s “paper champions” yet Vitali has racked up 12 straight world title fight wins since his thrilling defeat on cuts to the great Lennox Lewis. Wladmir has unified three world titles, won 14 consecutive world title fights in his current reign, and been universally recognized lineal champion (taking up the lineage which links him to the Muhammad Ali, the 5th Street Gym’s favourite son) since beating Chagaev in 2009.

They have beaten all comers for years and virtually cleaned out the HW division, so to call them “paper champions” is simply wilful ignorance.

Both of the Klitschkos are likely to end up in the Hall of Fame, and Wladimir will likely end his career with a position among the top ten HWs of all time secure.

Finally, I find it both curious and amusing that you still have zero proof to offer of your outlandish claims of Oquendo getting the better of Vitali in sparring and dropping him.



The sad story of “Kid Dynamite” Antwun Echols, as reported by the QC Times

Antwun Echols is a totally shot fighter.

He’s 41, is 1-14-3 in his last 18 fights (it is a disgrace that any commission will still license this man), and has been knocked out in the third round in his last six fights. He carries on, he says, because he wants to win a world title, and support his children.

How many children you ask? ‘Twenty-three, I think,” he said….TWENTY-THREE, HE THINKS!


Pound4poundireland Scorecards from February 2013

Sam Soliman 114-113 Felix Sturm, official result was a UD

Antwone Smith 100-89 Jose Luis Castillo, official result was a UD

Carlos Molina 120-105 Cory Spinks, official result was a UD

Eduard Gutknecht 114-113 Juergen Braehmer, official result was Braehmer by UD, Braehmer wins the Light Heavyweight European title

Andy Lee 98-92 Anthony Fitzgerald, official result was a UD

Lee Selby 119-109 Martin Lindsay, official result was a UD, Selby retains his British and Commonwealth Featherweight titles

Jon-Lewis Dickinson 118-110 David Dolan (rematch), official result was a UD, Dickinson retains his British Cruiserweight title

Sakio Bika 119-109 Nikola Sjekloca, official result was a UD

Alexander Alekseev 119-109 Garrett Wilson, official result was a UD

Kevin Satchell 119-109 Luke Wilton, official result was a UD, Satchell retains his British and Commonwealth Flyweight titles

Darren Hamilton 120-108 Steve Williams, official result was a UD, Hamilton retains his British Light Welterweight title

Ishe Smith 117-111 Cornelius Bundrage, official result was a MD, Smith wins a Jr. Middleweight world title

Pound4poundireland’s February 24th Jr. Middleweight top 10

1. Austin Trout

2. Erislandy Lara

3. Miguel Cotto

4. Saul Alvarez (titlist)

5. Carlos Molina

6. Vanes Martirosyan

7. Ishe Smith (titlist)

8. James Kirkland

9. Alfredo Angulo

10. Cornelius Bundrage


– Titlist Mayweather has finally signed on to defend his Welterweight title in May against Guerrero, which means he will be unable to fight at 154 within a year since his last appearance there against Cotto last year.

Since there is no guarantee that his September appearance will come against Saul Alvarez (or Austin Trout should he beat Alvarez) at 154, Mayweather drops out, leaving Trout as the new divisional number 1


– Smith enters at 7th as he wins a title by beating Bundrage, who slides to 10th