Idiotic (yet hilarious) open letter from Fres Oquendo’s manager to Dan Rafael in response to his rubbishing of a potential Wladimir Klitschko v Oquendo fight

Dan, I hope you read this.

Firstly I want to introduce myself. My name is Tom Tsatas and I own the 5th St Gym and I am Fres Oquendo’s manager. I would like to ask you when was the last time you were punched in the face? Also I am surmising the last time you were in a ring there was probably a donut or a piece of meat in there. Your comments on your article suggests are about as intelligent as a grain of sand, same as your brain capacity.

Firstly, Fres has NEVER been knocked out. Or seriously hurt. Unlike Vitali he has never quit like a loser on a stool like Vitali did against Byrd ,who Fres clearly beat. He has never lost to a guy like Ross Purity or Cory Sanders and would have NEVER be humiliated by Lamon Brewster. So before you attempt to go down to your knees for a fellatio session with Klit next time please try and control yourself.

If you really knew Heavyweights (boxing that is, because I am sure you have plenty of Heavy weighted fatties around the buffet table daily) you would know enough about Fres’ talents. Nearly 300 pro rounds at HW, (More than anyone except Vlad who has a few more) against legitimate champions and hall of famers in their home town, country or promoters’ cards. Some of those fights YOU yourself have called them robberies The real truth is Fres wont get chosen by these weak, no heart, quitter paper champions because they know they cannot beat Fres. As proof I offer that Fres was in Vitali’s camp and frustrated him, got the best of him, busted him up and dropped him.

Yes I know, please tell me how he is boring, old, washed up blah blah blah. Nobody disputes Ruiz was a horrible fight. So was Holyfield/Valuev, most Floyd Mayweather fights and a million others like most Klit fights. They cannot all be Al/Frazier, Ward/Gatti Castillo/Corales Holmes/Norton round 15. I will mention that unlike Klits who are quitters, Fres fought Ruiz with a torn labrum, Holyfield with 102 fever and strep-throat and his last fight stopping a guy who David Tua, David Boytsov and Samuel Peter couldn’t stop and did it, with a broke hand. He did not sit in his stool and quit in any of those fights. Or look embarrassingly pathetic as Vlad did in his 3 losses. Vlad would never have come back from a Tua beating let alone stay on his feet. In the Mormeck fight as well as Toney, Byrd, Holyfield and McCall, Fres out-threw, out-landed those guys in every aspect and just about every round. It is I am sure a coincidence it was in the opponent’s home town that he lost those fights.

So chubby, you would be correct in saying that Fres and I are complete bonehead morons for thinking at one time that we might get a fair shake without crooked promoters, corrupt government appointed commissions and shyster like the IBF who was dismantled for taking bribes at one time; you would actually be dead on. But to denigrate a World Class fighter like Fres who is a great dad, husband, does not drink, beat his baby momma, wear woman’s stockings while coked up and wind up in rehab is repulsive.

Fres has a non profit to help kids get off the street through boxing to stop the violence. However, you use your menial job in life, in your little world, where you think you are King and flap you fat mouth about guys who risk their lives to feed their family instead of doing something productive. You could have made a case to help him bring a title back here to the US and give him the opportunity and make a few dollars to help his family and non-profit to do some good. As if Fres Oquendo could do worse than Adamek, Solis, Thompson, Charr, Rahman, Peter, Chisora, Briggs or Sosnowski? Yeah you know boxing fat-boy. Go eat at a $9.99 buffet and get your money’s worth now.

5 thoughts on “Idiotic (yet hilarious) open letter from Fres Oquendo’s manager to Dan Rafael in response to his rubbishing of a potential Wladimir Klitschko v Oquendo fight

  1. If it’s sp idiotic why did you post it? Maybe you are the idiot huh Jeremy? Ill go one on one with you too. Hmm. I own 5 restaurants. The most famous boxing gym in the world. Manage the number 5 fighter who both Klits are scared to fight and I AM AN IDIOT? Well actual REAL FIGHTERS AND CHAMPIONS are commending me on the letter against weasels like you who hide behind a computer. You and that fat pig are exactly the same.

    • Hello Tom,

      Thank you for taking the time to comment, although I don’t see why you feel the need to behave in such an aggressive manner.

      Let me deal with some of the points you bring up in both your letter, and your subsequent comment on the blog, to try to demonstrate clearly why your letter deserved the label “idiotic”.

      Firstly, Fres is not the number 5 HW contender in the world on anybody’s objective ranking list. You know as well as I do that the WBA rank based on influence within the organization and payment of sanctioning fees, not in the spirit of objectively delineating the top contenders in the world. If you’d care to click “Heavyweight” on the categories tab on the left hand side of my homepage, you will be able to get a good idea of the current crop of young contenders who make up the HW top ten. Note that 39yo Fres, without a single significant win since either 2003 (if you consider Maurice Harris a solid opponent) or 2001 (!!!), does not rank amongst them.

      Yet you say that the Klitschkos (dominant champions for years, rarely losing rounds, never mind fights) are scared of Fres Oquendo? 3 wins over opposition with a combined record of 66 wins and 50 defeats does not a top HW contender make. If Fres wants to earn a shot, then he should fight one of the top ten contenders in the world, I’d suggest Helenius or Adamek, and beat them. It really is as simple as that, and until then, invocations from Fres and his team that he somehow has a mandate to challenge for the HW championship, and to receive the resultant payday, amount to nothing more than wilfully ignorant foolishness.

      Look, many of Fres’ defeats may have been controversial decisions, but the fact remains that he has recent losses on his record to a faded cruiserweight force in Mormeck, an ancient 45yo McCall, and an ancient, bloated Toney, all worse defeats than those of Wlad to Brewster and Sanders, both consistent top ten HWs of their time, and defeats that took place many years ago, before Wlad’s prime, which he is currently in.

      “As proof I offer that Fres was in Vitali’s camp and frustrated him, got the best of him, busted him up and dropped him”—where is your supposed “proof” of this happening? It is, to say the least, an outlandish claim you’re making.
      Do you have video evidence of these sparring sessions, or are we supposed to take your word for it?

      I can only echo Eoin’s comments with regards to your crass insults of Dan Rafael and myself standing in ironic counterpoint to your praise of Fres as a pillar of the community. I sincerely hope that he has more common sense than you do, and doesn’t go around making a fool of himself writing ridiculous open letters, filled with grammatical errors, and ignorant vitriol.

      Hopefully, you read this, come to your senses, and you and I can begin a constructive and insightful discussion of where Fres’ HW career might progress from here to attain a semblance of recognition as a legitimate contender.

      I look forward to your response,

      Jeremy O’ Connell

  2. Tom, both your letter and your comment on this page are undeniably stupid. Firstly, you make it seem like Dan Rafael’s weight somehow disqualifies his opinions. The hypocrisy of using this schoolyard bully act, making endless jibes about Rafael, and then praising the dignity of your fighter for his work with children isn’t lost here. Your idiocy is underlined clearly in your comment on this page – you make no attempt to justify the drivel you’ve written in the letter, instead opting to point to your 5 restaurants and “the most famous boxing gym in the world” to validate your fatuous opinions.

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