Pound4poundireland Scorecards from March 2013

Chris Van Heerden 116-112 Matthew Hatton, official result was a UD

Richar Abril 117-109 Sharif Bogere, official result was a UD, Abril retains his Lightweight world title

Evgeny Gradovich 116-110 Billy Dib, official result was a SD, Gradovich wins a Featherweight world title

Keith Thurman 120-108 Jan Zaveck, official result was a UD

Bernard Hopkins 118-110 Tavoris Cloud, official result was a UD, Hopkins wins a Light Heavyweight world title

Matt Skelton 96-95 John McDermott (rematch), official result was McDermott by UD

Jessie Vargas 96-93 Wale Omotoso, offical result was a UD

Timothy Bradley 113-113 Ruslan Provodnikov, official result was Bradley by UD, Bradley retains his Welterweight world title

Billy Joe Saunders 119-108 Matthew Hall, official result was a UD, Saunders retains his British and Commonwealth Middleweight titles

Odlanier Solis 116-112 Leif Larsen, official result was a UD

Kermit Cintron 93-97 Adrian Granados, official result was a DRAW

Donovan George 94-96 David Lopez, official result was a DRAW

Edmund Gerber 76-77 Gbenga Oloukun, official result was Gerber by UD

Robert Helenius 98-92 Michael Sprott, official result was a UD

Derry Mathews 114-114 Anthony Crolla (rematch), official result was a DRAW

Tony Bellew 113-115 Isaac Chilemba, official result was a DRAW

Terence Crawford 100-90 Breidis Prescott, official result was a UD

Brandon Rios 113-115 Mike Alvarado (rematch), official result was a UD


And bonus scorecard from a February fight:

Vyacheslav Glazkov 95-95 Malik Scott, official result was a DRAW

Pound4poundireland’s March 31st Super Flyweight top 10

1. Yota Sato (titlist)

2. Omar Narvaez (titlist)

3. Kohei Kono (titlist)

4. Tepparith Singwancha

5. Juan Carlos Sanchez (titlist)

6. Rodrigo Guerrero

7. Carlos Cuadras

8. Raul Martinez

9. Felipe Orucuta

10. Oleydong Sithsamerchai


– Suriyan Sor Rungvisai hasn’t fought at 115 in over a year, and has won a regional title at 118. He drops out


– Former 105 titlist Sithsamerchai enters at 10

Pound4poundireland’s March 31st Jr. Flyweight top 10

1. Roman Gonzalez (titlist)

2. Adrian Hernandez (titlist)

3. Johnriel Casimero (titlist)

4. Kompayak Porpramook

5. Donnie Nietes (titlist)

6. Pedro Guevara

7. Juan Francisco Estrada

8. Ramon Garcia Hirales

9. Alberto Rossel

10. Raul Garcia


– Guevara jumps two spots after his razor thin win over Raul Garcia


– Garcia enters at 10, dislodging Jonathan Taconing

Pound4poundireland’s March 31st Strawweight top 10

1. Moises Fuentes (titlist)

2. Nkosinathi Joyi

3. Katsunari Takayama (titlist)

4. Mario Rodriguez

5. Juan Hernandez

6. Ryo Miyazaki (titlist)

7. Denver Cuello

8. Pornsawan Porpramook

9. Hekkie Budler

10. Mateo Handig


– Takayama enters at 3rd (behind his previous conqueror Joyi), after his title winning effort over Rodriguez, who drops to 4th


– Silvestre drops out as a result

Pound4poundireland’s March 31st Jr. Welterweight top 10

1. Danny Garcia (Unified titlist)

2. Lucas Matthysse

3. Amir Khan

4. Mike Alvarado

5. Brandon Rios

6. Lamont Peterson (titlist)

7. Zab Judah

8. Khabib Allakhverdiev

9. Juan Manuel Marquez (titlist)

10. Pablo Cesar Cano


– Alvarado and Rios are both elevated in the wake of their second classic war. Alvarado moves to 4th, Rios 5th…I cannot wait until they complete their trilogy


– Peterson drops below them due to inactivity, and the reality that his biggest ever win over Amir Khan is hugely tainted by his admission that he was using synthetic testosterone prior to the fight, as well as the questionable officiating and judging which occured on the night itself