Article – Floyd Mayweather speaks to FightHype, takes issue with Andre Ward and his “S.O.G.” nickname

(Excerpted from FightHype - )

Q: You know, that’s one of the reasons why Guerrero said he’s confident that’s he’s going to beat you. During a conference call, he said that because of everything that has happened to him and his family leading up to now, he knows God is on his side, so he has faith that he’ll come out victorious on May 4.

Mayweather: Man, listen, I mean, like I said before, saying prayers is not a bad thing, you know what I’m saying? Believing in God is not a bad thing at all, but they get to a point where these fighters be feeling like God got certain sides and things like that. That’s not true. We’re all equal under God’s eyes. Like I said before, these fighters be killing me with all this S.O.G., man. I don’t really know Andre Ward. I don’t have anything negative or bad to say about Andre Ward. Nothing against him, and like I said before, anybody has a right to call themselves whatever name they want to call themselves. He calls himself S.O.G. If I’m not mistaken, that stands for Son of God. Last time I checked, we’re all God’s children. When one fighter is facing another fighter, God don’t choose sides. What’s going to happen in life is going to happen. Everything is already planned out. Listen man, if you’re going to be a pastor, go to church. If you’re going to be a reverend, go to church.

If you’re going to be a boxer, be a boxer. I mean, one minute, they want to say all this S.O.G. stuff, and the next minute, they wanna go put tattoos on they body. I ain’t never seen a pastor boxing. I ain’t never seen a reverend boxing. I say a prayer that my opponent lives to fight another day and I live to fight another day. You got these guys trying to hurt a man on Saturday and then going to praise the Lord on Sunday.

Q: I take it you probably heard that Andre Ward said even though he’s a Mayweather fan, he’ll be rooting for Guerrero because they’re friends that came up in the Bay Area.

Mayweather: I mean, it’s okay. If I remember correctly, I sold out an arena in the Bay Area maybe 12 or 13 years ago. Listen, I don’t know how many people exactly live in Oakland, but I love the fans in Oakland. Not knocking Andre Ward, but he can’t sell tickets nowhere. He can’t sell tickets in Las Vegas. This is the only guy I know that’s a gold medalist, but don’t nobody know he’s a gold medalist. He’s a gold medalist, but he’s making money like he don’t even got a medal.

Like I said before, Andre Ward, he’s a good fighter, but who knows him? If you’re not in Oakland, you don’t even know who he is. He’s getting older and time is ticking, so I mean, when is he going to ever leave Oakland and put assess in seats somewhere else? There’s a difference when you say “Andre Ward”. The only people that know him are in the boxing world. Floyd Mayweather is a worldwide celebrity; a worldwide mogul.

You know, you got fighters, sometimes, they speak on certain situations where the thing is this, like I always tell you before, when you’re a fighter getting a million dollars, a million dollar fighter like Andre Ward, if anything, you need to come to my camp so you can learn the blueprint on how to sell out arenas worldwide. I got the blueprint on how to sell out arenas worldwide. We know Adrien Broner is more known than Andre Ward. He don’t even have an amateur background. He’s got a gold medal? Let me get it and I’ll melt it down and get a medallion made.

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