Delusional Tom Tsatas sees his gym’s historical links to the likes of Muhammad Ali and Angelo Dundee go up in smoke

Jim Dundee press release —

Former partners in the now closed gym, Tom Tsatas and Dino Spencer are close to opening a separate gym on South Beach under the name ”World Famous 5th Street Gym” which bears no affiliation to the Dundee name or brand.

Jim Dundee stated: “I want to make clear that the “World Famous 5th Street Gym” that is being opened by Tom Tsatas and Dino Spencer on Miami Beach is in no way affiliated with my father Angelo Dundee, the Dundee family, nor with my father’s protégée Matt Baiamonte.”

Dundee continued: “We are exploring opening Angelo Dundee’s 5th Street Gym in the future with a more structured team in place that can carry on my father’s dream. My father’s protégé and head trainer Matt Baiamonte will continue to be involved in all aspects of our decision making process.”

10 thoughts on “Delusional Tom Tsatas sees his gym’s historical links to the likes of Muhammad Ali and Angelo Dundee go up in smoke

  1. Tom Tsatas is a crook! The Dundee’s are better off without him tarnishing their good name.

    • I agree, the way he and his cohorts are trying to exploit the great legacy of Angelo Dundee by falsely appropriating the ‘5th Street Gym’ name is absolutely shameful

  2. This Tom guys sounds like a real peach. Every time I see his name pop up he is either bashing respected journalists like Dan Rafael or making a total ass of himself. Trying to bank off Angelo’s name is probably the worst sin he could have committed.

  3. Hey do you have any recent news on the 5th Street Gym situation that this Tom Tsatas guy is in involved in? You seem to be only guy on the internet covering it. All I know is that Tom Tsatas claims that Matt Baiamonte broke into his gym and robbed it. But I went to look at Matt Baiamonte’s twitter and he of course denies it. Now I read the article you posted about how the Dundee family is breaking ties with Tom Tsatas new 5th Street Gym.

    • I have no more updates I’m afraid. I was recently trying to coordinate a skype interview with Matt Baiamonte, but we were unable to find a satisfactory time for us both

      I hadnt heard the breaking & entering claim, this story grows ever more bizarre.

      Feel free to update me should you hear anything else, and I of course will post again to my site if I come across any future developments

  4. Yeah I think its classless that Tsatas is accusing Baiamonte of being behind the burglary. If he really thinks so why doesn’t he press charges? Instead he puts this on a internet forum and to makes matters work some people are actually believing him. From what I can tell Tsatas and Baiamonte had a falling out over the ownership of the 5th Street Gym and now that Baiamonte has recently opened his own separate boxing gym. Tsatas is using the burglary to sully Baiamonte’s name. Probably in an effort to dissuade people from going to Baiamonte’s gym.

    • Based on my own interactions and experiences in talking with both men (positive with Baiamonte, and overwhelmingly negative with Tsatas — check out my other blog posts on our Fres Oquendo ‘debate’ if you havent already), I know who I’m more inclined to believe based on that alone

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