October 30th’s Random Boxing Rants — The X-Files Edition

* The poor word play of this post’s sub-title is in honour of Bernard “The Executioner/Alien” Hopkins, who, after his win at the weekend, is now guaranteed to be the oldest man ever to HOLD a boxing world title, when he surpasses George Foreman in a month’s time.

And thanks to David Greisman for the acknowledgement in his weekly ‘Fighting Words’ column on Boxingscene (scroll to #5 on the ’10 Count’):



* Steve Smoger is beloved by fans as a referee who lets the action flow and has thus officiated some of the most exciting fights of recent times.

But his performance during Hopkins-Murat was poor.

He seemed biased against Murat throughout (despite both men fighting dirty), at one point swearing at him, and shoving him in the face at the final bell, before schmoozing with Hopkins and his team before and after the decision, including giving the old champion a kiss on the cheek.

He has gone down in my estimation after that display


* A Hopkins-Shumenov unification seems probable, but I wonder what the odds are we might see a Hopkins-Lucian Bute fight at some point next year?


* Now that the IBF has (rightly) pulled the plug on a Carlos Molina-Victor Ortiz 154lb. title fight, I am worried that a win by Ortiz over the ordinary and faded Alfonso Gomez will lead directly to an undeserved Canelo Alvarez fight


* Wins that now look a lot better: Timothy Bradley over Ruslan Provodnikov, and Gennady Golovkin over Gabriel Rosado


* Halloween came a couple of days early this year with the release of the Adrien Broner sex tape.

I don’t see how anyone can be surprised by it though…I mean we’ve already seen this guy on the toilet, and performin oral sex on a stripper (though thankfully not at the same time)!


* I just don’t get the hate among fight fans for some boxers.

Take Arthur Abraham, for example.

The German-based Armenian was one of the most exciting fighters in the world when he made 10 defences of a middleweight title.

He then moved up to 168 to enter the Super Six tournament, along with almost all of the elite super middleweights. This was ultimately a failure as he suffered his first 3 defeats. After that, he won and lost a world title against Robert Stieglitz, who he is likely to meet one final time in a rubber match next year.

But why does he get such hate on forums and twitter?

He did what every fight fan would theoretically like all fighters to do: he showed balls, dared to be great and went to the States to fight the best at the weight above.

So what if he only turned out to be good, rather than great…


* Stuart Hall vs. Vusi Malinga (for the vacant bantamweight world title controversially stripped from Jamie McDonnell) will crown arguably the worst current world titlist in the sport (save for maybe Merlito Sabillo at strawweight…anybody else I’m forgetting?).

Who would’ve thought that just 17 months after a lopsided loss for the European title to Lee Haskins, Hall would be in a very winnable fight at home for a world crown.

His fairytale story continues…


* My recent twitter discussion with Showtime Sports president Stephen Espinoza, regarding the PPV numbers for Mayweather-Guerrero, believed by many to be far less than the 1M announced by Showtime:



2 thoughts on “October 30th’s Random Boxing Rants — The X-Files Edition

  1. I think your criticism of Smoger is unfair just because every Hopkins fight just is dirty. Yes, Hopkins is a dirty fighter and (always) gets away with it but Murat should not have done those obvious fouls like: Punching a fighter when he is down (he got two punches and probably more if smoger didn’t get in the way), Punching on the break, and leading with his head to headbutt Hopkins.

    I understand that he is upset because this fight was a once-in-a-lifetime fight (first world title fight, opportunity to fight Hopkins) but he should not have done those blatant fouls, even to the most dirty fighter.

    We can look at Chad Dawson showing composure even though he got headbutt by Hopkins (twice?)

    • Whatever you think of Smoger’s performance in the fight, there is no excuse for Smoger’s schmoozing with B-Hop afterwards — it creates the distinct impression that he is not impartial.

      A professional distance needs to be maintained between officials and combatants

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