4 thoughts on “Full fight video – Magomed Abdusalamov vs. Mike Perez

  1. Thanks. One of the most enjoyable heavyweight fights in years — simply a classic matchup of pressure fighter and technician.

      • Jeremy, since our comments, the tragic news about Abdusalamov has been made known.

        Do you think the fight should have been stopped? At the time, thoroughly enjoying myself if with mild worry for the Russian, I did not. Yes, he gave troubling indications to the corner which HBO’s translator barely conveyed — asking if his nose was broken, in one instance. In another, I recall him stretching his face, trying to locate the source (presumably bone alignment) of his pain. These signs suggested to me only that he’d lose — and that’s to say nothing of Perez’s marvelous, intuitive performance. I recall thinking he’d need a long layoff, Abdusalamov.

        In retrospect, it is easier to wish the corner had stopped the fight to protect him than to see how or why they would have done. Really: which corner would? He was full of the absolutely mad courage of a man who’d dealt eighteen straight knockouts and was always but one clean punch away from dealing the next. He was undefeated. He was tall and built of rock. He was losing gracefully, which is to say he was still in it and not being done in. Even as a theoretical exercise, it is hard to imagine the mechanics of him retiring. What a pity!

  2. I basically agree with your take on things, arjcee.

    A tragic situation, but hard to blame the corner given that it was never a totally one-sided mauling. But it (along with the Leal tragedy) does put things into perspective with the intelligent corner stoppages of Alvarado and Stevens

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