6 thoughts on “Full Fight Video – Andre Ward vs. Edwin Rodriguez

  1. What a horrible fight. They really need to deduct points for clinching so much. This was easily the worst fight I have seen all year.

    • Thanks for your comment.

      I dont agree, and thought it was a decent fight, FAR from the worst this year (Klitschko-Povetkin, and Crawford-Klimov off the top of my head were terrible recent HBO fights).

      Referee Jack Reiss did a good job in my opinion, with his early grandstanding and points deductions making it watchable.

      • Yeah, he did do a good job and took getting punched well but the fight seemed really unprofessional. I guess it started out that way before the fight even started. I forgot how bad that Klitschko fight was that one was much worse for sure.

      • It was a typical Andre Ward fight: flashes of action, immensely high skill level, but some dull patches (including fouls) without much real flow.

        All in all, like prime Bernard Hopkins.

  2. Ward looked good with his new bionic shoulder, didn’t he? Brutal jab. I agree he’s a bit too Hopkins-like to make fully compelling watching. Kellerman’s suggestion of a future matchup with Golovkin at 168 is one I’d enjoy seeing. First, I’d prefer to see Triple G meet Broner at a catchweight, and show him how trouble’s really spelled (without vowels, it seems).

    The star of this fight was Jack Reiss. Watching Reiss in crimestopper mode, you could almost convince yourself at least one official in boxing knows what he’s doing.

    • Reiss did a good job for sure.

      Ward was excellent and a fight with GGG is obviously the dream matchup sometime down the line…wont be for a long while though. I’d favour Ward to comfortably outpoint him

      And obviously, for many reasons, we wont ever be seeing GGG-Broner

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