2 thoughts on “Thomas Hauser’s definitive article on the tragic events of November 2nd: “Magomed Abdusalamov and The Dark Side of Boxing”

  1. Superb piece by Hauser.

    I shouldn’t be, but was, shocked to learn New York only requires promoters carry a $10K health insurance policy per fighter. Where I come from, we call that damning with faint praise.

    Hauser’s work also revealed to me the gap between my perception of the fight (watching over the internet, where I had only the most mild concern but the most avid interest) and the disturbing physical and behavioral evidence in the corner. The camera — the subjective camera — simply cannot tell this.

    Ultimately I think the answer is bound to be unpopular. More fights must be stopped. How does not particularly matter as much as why. I am not a fan of the late, lamented Gatti or his technicolor defense-free slugfests; I would have halted any of the Gatti-Ward legacies, surely far too early for the liking of most fans (to say nothing of the fighters).

    But what must be weighed is our fun as spectators against what Hauser so achingly depicts: the confused, hobbled fighter with his piss full of blood, not sure where to go in the night of the city for help, and nobody in the employ of the boxing commission or the promoter even knowing the name of the hospital.

    • Excellent comment, and I agree with you — it is unpopular, but if I had my way, more fights would be stopped. Even in 2013, it seems the safety of the fighter isnt as paramount as it should be

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