4 thoughts on “Video – Most embarrassing thing I’ve seen since Chuck Giampa’s on-air meltdown, video journalist “Radio” Rahim Davies humiliates himself with cringeworthy ode to Top Rank’s hospitality

  1. Sing for your supper, Rahim!

    Hilarious — complete with the clipped Walter Cronkite “You-Are-There” reverence. It’s amazing what a little junket will do to a man.

    Though I haven’t consciously followed him, until now I’ve found Davies to be one of the better second-tier boxing interviewers. No doubt Arum did, too, and decided he’d be a nice pet to keep around.

    • Haha, the ‘hospitality’ in Macau must be something really special!

      I haven’t really followed Mr. Davies’ work either (and have had it clarified by Gabe Montoya that Davies didnt make this video for Maxboxing), but this seems coincidentally similar to the Top Rank bias that Steve Kim of Maxboxing has been accused of having in the past.

  2. This guy sounds like a young Barry Obama. He pauses just the same if you have heard them both speak.

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