November 25th’s Random Boxing Rants

* Who’s been a bigger waste of talent thus far: Matt Korobov or Andre Dirrell?

And could Gary Russell Jr. be joining them on that list sometime soon?

Why won’t they fight a legitimate opponent, or, in the case of Dirrell, fight at all?

It is maddeningly frustrating watching these guys wither on the vine, while guys like Vasyl Lomachenko and Guillermo Rigondeaux turn pro and take the fast and brave route to the top, demonstrating how it should be done


* Some good news for Victor Ortiz — heavyweight Tor Hamer has usurped his position as the sport’s biggest quitter.

But at least his latest putrid effort resulted in Hamer being released from his contract immediately via Twitter by no-bullshit promoter Lou DiBella!
* Speaking of heavyweights, Denis Boytsov, who turned pro way back in 2004 and compiled a gaudy 33-0 record, suffered his first defeat in his Sauerland debut against the distinctly ordinary Alex Leapai.

Boytsov looked terrible and appeared to gas after about 4 or 5 rounds.

He came into the fight as reportedly the WBO mandatory to Wladimir Klitschko, despite his record reading like a European version of Deontay Wilder’s padded resume.

Just goes to show how meaningless sanctioning body ratings are, and thank god we now won’t have to sit through Wladimir battering this failed prospect


* Surreal scenes in Manchester this past weekend, with George Groves entering to boos but exiting the people’s champion, after a massively controversial premature stoppage defeat to Carl Froch.

It was also amazing to see Groves and Adam Booth, the career-long fighter/manager-trainer partnership which had recently imploded and resulted in legal proceedings before the fight, embrace backstage post-fight.

Three things are for sure: the knockdown in round one was my “Holy S**t!” moment of the year, George Groves has announced himself at world level, and referee Howard Foster will go down in infamy for his inept display.


* Also, worth noting that, pathetically, two of the three judges (I am not sure which ones at the time of writing) only had Groves ahead by a single point entering the 9th round, despite his dominance in the fight.

So Groves may well have been on his way to a robbery loss on the cards, even if he had survived the 9th


* Promoter Eddie Hearn is no doubt delighted that his main man Froch escaped with the win, and is seeing $$$ with the possibility of a mega rematch next year


* Manny Pacquiao’s return was, as expected, a dominant display in beating up the very limited (and surprisingly reluctant) Brandon Rios over 12 rounds.

My personal preference for his next fight, slated for April of next year, would be against newly-minted 140lb. titlist Ruslan Provodnikov, but a Tim Bradley rematch and a fifth fight with Juan Manuel Marquez make up the other possibilities (although there are now rumours emerging that a Miguel Cotto rematch could also be an outside shot).


* I can only echo the sentiments of Cliff Rold in this tweet:

To reiterate my oft-stated belief, I predict Mayweather-Pacquiao will happen due to Pacquiao leaving Bob Arum, maybe sometime in 2015.


* Finally played Jim Watt bingo for the first time during the Sky PPV the other night…won’t be my last game of it! #BangOnTheChin #FancyDan

* Frankie Leal, Magomed Abdusalamov, Daniel MacKinnon (who has thankfully just been released from hospital) and, now, Jose Carmona…too many ring tragedies, what is happening to boxing in recent weeks?!

4 thoughts on “November 25th’s Random Boxing Rants

  1. Enjoyed the rants, Jeremy.

    I thought Groves had Froch well in hand going into the 9th. Kudos to the champ for finding a second wind, but I’d take Groves in a rematch.

    Did you see the Shane Mosley corner retirement? Pitiful watching a former A-list talent turn into an opponent. Even worse watching that little drama with the delusional father-trainer.

    • I’m very glad you enjoyed!

      I had Groves well ahead also, and think he was likely robbed of the win by Howard Foster’s ineptitude (although, as I noted, who knows what the judges’ final tallies would have been).

      I havent seen that fight, and dont plan to watch it anytime soon (unless it’s aired on delay on one of the UK/Irish channels).

      This was always the inevitable conclusion for Mosley’s delusional continuation of his in-ring career, and, in a way, it’s apt given his involvement in the Balco scandal, which I find it hard to forget about when thinking about his career as a whole.

      Yeah, I’ve heard Jack Mosley was very bad in the corner. Again, not a surprise and Naziim left at the right time

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