2 thoughts on “Zach Arnold with an in-depth look: “After two failed attempts, Andre Ward directly sues Dan Goossen to void contract”

  1. It looks like a tenuous claim (lumping multiple contracts in order to package their combined time into a violation of the 7-year labor services limit).

    That said, I don’t find Arnold’s automatic support for promoters appealing. His claim that a lower court order would “cause havoc in California in terms of sports law” is exactly the kind of reaction we often see made to stop claims brought on behalf of labor when it challenges the status quo. That is because US law heavily favors the bosses with the dough who pay the lobbyists who end up writing the laws while the politicians kiss the babies (en route to the interns).

    My view as a fan is the Teddy Atlas position: break the grip of the promoters and regulate the sport from top to bottom, clean it up and clean it out. Fighters will get their share and we will get to see the bouts we crave.

    • Lol @ “en route to the interns”.

      Very interesting and informative comment, and yes, the Atlas position does seem the most sensible one, breaking the stranglehold of the various splintered state commissions, as well as the promoters.

      But, then again, I would say that, Atlas being my favourite figure in all of boxing haha

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