1. Mayweather has a problem with fighting Pacquiao because he has lost 2 of his last 3 fights (1 of which was a robbery). He has no problem with a fighter who has lost 2 of his last 4. He should just come out and say he doesn’t want to fight Pacquaio, ever.

    • A Mayweather-Pacquiao fight will always be impossible as long as theyre with different promoters, but this bullshit from Mayweather still doesnt do him any favours

    • haha, aside from Floyd’s delusional assessment of Khan’s last two fights, I especially laughed at his thinking that Khan would bring a Hatton-esque fanbase.

      The reality is that Khan doesnt have a tenth of Hatton’s following

      • I thought Khan’s followers are mainly amongst the Indians/Pakistanies. If Floyd was smart he would have it at Wembley. I mean if they can sell out NFL games in England then Money should have no problem selling out a Khan fight. If only to give thousands of Brits the chance to see Money. No one I know here cares for a Khan fight.

      • As an Irish fan, I watch UK boxing all the time, and can tell you that while he is a household name in the UK, he is nowhere near the popularity of Hatton.

        Mayweather seems to think that Khan will draw the same amount of fans out to Vegas with him, which is simply nowhere near reality.

        Mayweather will never fight in the UK (unless he’s old and shot like Roy Jones), because of tax reasons, the fact that it would diminish the US PPV numbers, and the likelihood that even a Wembley sellout wouldnt match the MGM Grand gate receipts, due to much higher ticket prices.

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