December 21st’s Random Boxing Rants

* Best current fighters who haven’t yet won a proper world title (WBA “regular” doesnt count)?

Erislandy Lara, Lucas Matthysse, Austin Trout, Brandon Rios…who else?

I think Martin Murray, Ray Beltran and George Groves also belong on that list because of how unlucky they’ve been in recent title challenges


* Rios’ career at a world class level looks over, in my opinion.

It’s unlikely he’ll ever get a top tier win at 147, and his weight problems mean a move to 154, surely disastrous, can’t be too far into the future


* Erislandy Lara has yet to even fight for a world title…does that make him the president of the ‘who needs him’ club?


* James Kirkland and Daniel Geale rumoured to be the names in contention to face Gennady Golovkin in April.

I’m down with that…


* If he never fights again, let me salute Vitali Klitschko on a fantastic, Hall of Fame career.

Despite his resume being thin on big name victories, he had tremendous longevity and would obviously be an extremely difficult fight for any heavyweight in history


* In my view, Stiverne-Arreola II is not a worthy vacant title fight.

Arreola, a perennial disappointment, is lucky the WBC loves his fat ass…


* I’m happier to hear that Bradley-Pacquiao II is in negotiations for April


* ROFL @ Floyd Mayweather describing Amir Khan’s atrocious performance against Julio Diaz as an “impressive victory”.

Time for another rant on just how undeserving an opponent Amir Khan is for Mayweather? I think so.

Khan is one of the most exciting fighters in boxing, rarely in a bad fight, but he hasnt had a good win since mid 2011, when he beat Judah.

Since then he’s gone 2-2: losing to Peterson (even with controversial scorecards, refereeing and Peterson’s PED use, it was still a mediocre performance from Khan); getting knocked out in 4 rds. by Danny Garcia (the guy who really deserves to be facing Mayweather next May); beating a fringe 135 contender moving up in weight; and then getting dropped, and hurt on multiple occasions, on the way to winning a razor thin decision at a 143 catchweight to faded, light punching ex-135lb. titlist Julio Diaz.

And after what will be a 13 month layoff, and a further move up in weight by 4lbs., we are supposed to believe he merits a fight with, and stands a chance of being competitive with, an all-time great in Mayweather?!

I would much prefer to see Mayweather-Maidana next May


* Trust Larry “Lazza” Merchant to provide a hilariously eloquent assessment of Maidana’s upset of Adrien Broner: “From humping to thumping, from billions to thousands, from performance artist to con artist. from the next Mayweather to the next Berto?”


* And to ape Lazza myself: Marcos Maidana, I love you!


* Happy Christmas to all those who love the sweet science, and let’s hope that 2014 matches the excitement of 2013, which was truly a banner year for the sport!

8 thoughts on “December 21st’s Random Boxing Rants

  1. Say what you want about showtime having the better boxers (debatable) but HBO just puts on a better show, every time. I really enjoy the old school feel of Larry Merchant and Harold Lederman (hopefully they don’t retire anytime soon). I can’t remember the fight but Harold Lederman wasn’t doing the cards and it was just horrible. Yeah Roy Jones is semi-illiterate but he gives the boxing perspective a hell of a lot better than Pauli M. At first I had my doubts about Max Kellerman but the guy knows his stuff and comes with good perspective. Hopefully this HBO/Showtime beef is quashed and we can see some great boxing going forward.

    • Larry Merchant is already retired from HBO WCB/BAD/PPV broadcasting, only working now on international feeds for the various promoters and on HBO2.

      Yes, Weisfeld is being groomed as Lederman’s replacement in the future.

      I much prefer Malignaggi to Jones on commentary.

      Unfortunately I think the HBO & Top Rank vs. Sho and GB beef is far from over, but at least it’s making for healthy competition between the brands, and that may be largely to account for 2013 being a great year for the sport with many top matchups being made

  2. I know we already talked about this in another post, but I still want to say one thing or two about the Khan fight since you brought it up again in this post.

    I think there is no way a Maidana fight would be competitive for Floyd. Matching him with brawlers/punchers/come-forward fighters proved inefficient. I don’t see how Maidana would do better than Canelo, Hatton, Cotto, Ortiz to name a few. I really would like to see Floyd next against a boxer who fights more from the outside. The last “boxer” match-up for Mayweather probably dates all the way back to the Judah fight, with in hindsight was “interesting” compared to many of recent Floyd’s outings.

    I don’t argue here from a “who deserves it” point of vue. Guerrero “deserved” his fight but hardly delivered. Khan most certainly does not “deserve” it given his recent performances, but I don’t see an any more intriguing match-up out there right now. Plus Khan’s style is somewhat similar to that of Pacquiao, minus the orthodox/southpaw parameter, it can give us good idea of what that fight would have looked like in fantasy world.

    Garcia would probably much more interesting than Maidana from a “deserving” point of view. Garcia has shown great poise and ring IQ in his handling of Matthysse. He is definitely not a come-forward one-dimensional fighter. Should be also interesting fight.


    • Thank you for your comment!

      I see your point, Kaybee, and agree that, while more deserving that any other realistic Mayweather opponent outside of Garcia, Mayweather-Maidana is an utter mismatch that I have little interest in seeing. I just don’t see Khan, despite being gifted in certain areas, offering anything by way of a challenge to him either.

      To be fair, I think Marquez qualifies as a “boxer” matchup in recent times that Mayweather negotiated with consummate ease.

      One of the problems Mayweather may have in the next couple of years is a lack of interesting opponents. The likes of Garcia, Maidana, Broner (rest assured, this fight will happen at some point) are fine, but none are going to be competitive.

      The really interesting names Mayweather could fight right now will never happen for a variety of reasons: Lara, GGG, Martinez.

      Maybe if Cotto can upset Martinez, he and Mayweather will rematch at a catchweight for the Middleweight crown?

      Maybe Keith Thurman will continue to develop and emerge as a solid challenger in the future?

      Maybe Floyd will fight Quillin at a catchweight some day for a 160lb. title?

      Maybe a past his best Pacquiao will leave Arum around 2015, sign with GB, and finally meet Mayweather?

      We’ll have to wait and see, because matchups like Mayweather-Khan are not going to cut the mustard, or keep the people that are bankrolling that obscene Showtime contract happy.

  3. A very interesting discussion. I will only add that Mayweather’s toughest opponent now is age.

    The prospect of him running into trouble against a lesser talent has, no doubt, helped sell tickets for years. While I don’t care for his fighting, it would be of no use or pleasure to see him beaten when the edge comes off the reflexes as it did in Jones, to name one painful example of hanging on past time.

    Barring some future IRS-inspired penury, Mayweather should exit the game as planned when his Showtime wax museum tour is up. I don’t see in him a love of the sport that would keep him going, Ali-style, into danger. What seems likelier is his emerging as a top promoter. Perhaps he’ll feast on the remains of geezers like King and Arum.

    • I’ve long believed that, largely for money reasons, we’ll see Mayweather fight into his 40s and thus suffer defeats. He already lost a fortune, and came out of his 1st retirement (technically his 2nd actually) to fight on, starting with Marquez, when the IRS came knocking.

      It does look to be only age and his ridiculously gaudy lifestyle that can defeat him at this point.

      • Just guesswork on my part, but it seems inevitable to me.

        Mayweather wants to live like a king right now, instead of being smart and living like a prince for the rest of his life

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