3 thoughts on “Full Fight Video – Lamont Peterson vs. Dierry Jean

  1. What did you think of Peterson’s comeback, Jeremy? I’d say he did a good job putting himself back together after the vivisection by Mathysse. I like Peterson’s boxing, but the lack of power and the questionable jaw mean he isn’t getting past Garcia or Provodnikov.

    • Good win by Peterson, I had favoured Jean to get the upset.

      Good thing that the TR/GB divide means a Provod fight is impossible then, and a Garcia fight is also unlikely (Garcia’s PR homecoming v Herrera will prob be his last 140 defence)

      140 is thinning out fast and will be barren in 8-9 months time, so Peterson can probably hold onto his belt for the forseeable future

      • Good point. Peterson can only benefit from these promoter machinations (match-inations?).

        All things being equal I don’t think he’d be ranked number 3 on boxrec’s list or even as high as 7 on yours. His combination-rich style is fun to watch and, in Jean’s case, evidently no fun to be on the receiving end of. But it’s all volume pressure without much speed or oomph. Against someone who can stand in and throw, his finesse work exposes him to brutal counters. Jean managed a few.

        Not to put him down — Peterson is a likable fighter with guts, talent and one of the more admirable stories in the business. If you’re right, then he should do whatever it takes to avoid going up to 147 where, heh, there be monsters.

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