9 thoughts on “Full Fight Video – Gennady Golovkin vs. Osumanu Adama

  1. Thanks for the link.

    GGG is a flat out monster; the combinations, the power and accuracy of his punches, mixing head shots and body shots, the precision and accuracy and his cerebral approach to finishing fights off? What a fighter.

    HBO seemed to have agreed 3 fighters for 26 April when GGG next fights [Geale, Kirkland, Lee] all credible fights. Hopefully if GGG can win his next fight, he could fight winner Martinez/Cotto [which I think Sergio would win] .

    What a fight that would be!

    • You’re very welcome!

      I dont think anyone at 160 can compete with GGG, and I doubt a fight with the Sergio-Cotto winner will happen, and if it did, they wouldnt last long

      The real challenges for GGG are at 168, namely Andre Ward

  2. True, GGG v Ward would be a terrific fight. I have a feeling that GGG wil stay at 160 fo a while, fight the likes of Geale, Lee etc. ad if he cannot get Martinez, he moves up.

    They are also talking the possibility of GGG v Chavez Jr. at 168 which would be a complete mismatch.

    • Yes, that’s exactly what I see happening: exhaust the options at 160, then move up, probably in 2015

      I dont see GGG-Chavez happening, nor should it. Chavez, if he can beat Vera, seems more likely headed towards a fight with either Froch or Ward

  3. I stopped watching in the sixth. Full of admiration for GGG’s cerebral brutality, as usual, but contemptuous of Adama’s corner who left their fighter to die. Poor bastard was spitting out his mouthpiece and shaking, his legs having long since hopped a plane back to Illinois.

    GGG’s defense had better be a work in progress. He is vulnerable to straight rights and, at one point, he fell for a feint and was still covering up the left while Adama put two in a row on the intended target. It’s one thing to be this careless or untutored against mediocrities — and it appears as if Adama’s epileptic footwork and gutsy selling out gave him minor problems.

    Andre Ward is so far above this level that the total-war-strategy will be a much riskier proposition. If I were Ward, I’d arrange the fight sooner rather than later before Golovkin can improve.

    • GGG is 31, so he isnt going to be improving much going forward.

      His defence appears to be his only weakness at this point. Not that it’s bad, it’s just flawed as you outlined.

      You have to be a complete fighter to beat a prime Ward, and I dont think GGG would find that knockout blow

      That said, he surely beats everyone else at 160 and 168

      • I agree he looks very strong against most comers.

        He does have vast amateur experience, so he must know what he can stand in terms of being hit. His style is built to attack and it hasn’t failed him yet.

        We’ll see what happens as he moves up in weight — and the incoming punches do, too.

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