7 thoughts on “Gabriel Montoya: “Robert Garcia, Part Two: The Blame Game”

  1. God, what a mess.

    I’m sympathetic, on this one, to Garcia and Rios. The procedures sound suspect and the sheer number of hands in the pie, or the pee as it were, is ridiculous.

    • Hard to take Garcia & Rios seriously imo. They’ve told a couple of different stories about the testing procedures, and we know the VADA sample collectors were full trained, WADA-certified people

      • I think it’s just hard to take Rios and Garcia seriously, given the fact that they cant get their story straight, and Garcia has admittedly been adminsitering adrenaline illegally as an PED to his fighters for many years.

  2. Fair point to you. Standardizing testing and taking it out of the hands of private industry would be a good start to fixing this problem.

    • I think VADA (unlike USADA, who bungled the Garcia-Morales testing among other issues) do a fine job, and are an objective beacon in the murky drug testing waters. Also worth noting that VADA are a non profit organization

      Putting testing in the hands of state commissions (as Arum has done, starting with Bradley-Marquez), and entrusting them to remain impartial and adhere to the strictest WADA standards, is asking for trouble imo, given that they have a massive stake in the event going ahead unhindered and are far from honest brokers.

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