5 thoughts on “Full Fight Video – Tyson Fury vs. Joey Abell

  1. That’s a long way to travel from Minnesota for a headache. 😉

    I’d like to see Fury in with Deontay Wilder.

      • The power of neither man is in dispute, nor is the fact neither’s been properly tested. I will say Fury is far too hittable, but he walked through some big jawcrackers to put down the overmatched Abell.

        At least Joey missed our massive winter blizzard here, though given the choice between clearing 10″ of snow in 0F and being on the receiving end of Fury’s right, I know which fate I’ll take. As they say in The Coens’ Fargo and around these parts, too, You betcha.

  2. No, admittedly I haven’t. Minnesota could not fairly be called the Philadelphia of the North. 😉

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