3 thoughts on “Full Fight Video – Tommy Coyle vs. Daniel Brizuela (Fight of the Year Candidate)

  1. What a fight! Shades of the Gatti-Ward wars. Through a lot of seesaw arithmetic, I had Coyle up by one going into the last round. I don’t fully agree with the stoppage as it appears Brizuela lost his footing at the end, and rose by six, but he’d been hit flush in the head for two rounds and surely needed no more. Kudos to both men and Coyle especially for bravely picking himself up three times.

    Thanks for posting this, Jeremy.

    • Youre welcome, amazing fight. Rounds 6 and 11 will be round of the year contenders also.

      I had Brizuela ahead going into the 12th, and thought ref Steve Gray was quite incompetent thruout and that the stoppage was premature. Every British ref these days seems to be rubbish, and they have an infuriating tendency towards premature stoppages

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