7 thoughts on “Video – Teddy Atlas again shows his support for the Transnational Boxing Rankings Board on ESPN FNF

  1. You don’t rate Cosell? What?!

    I grew up watching Howard and Ali mug and clown together — that is perhaps the main source of my fondness. As a commentator, he left something to be desired, yes. What did Mark Twain say about the windbag Fennimore Cooper? “Eschew surplusage,” a lesson Howard skipped. I think Larry Merchant studied Howard closely, actually, and became Cosell 2.0. I prefer Larry.

    Pauli M. on Showtime and FOX is the new class act of the American business, in my view. Not only good technically, as an expert. He has a grudge, an edge, that makes him liable to rain on parades.

    I’ve heard the British pair on SKY a few times now; how do you like them?

    • I’ve always liked Larry’s long-windedness!

      Yes, Paulie is a terrific commentator thus far, but, as for being uncompromising & frank, I was disappointed in him for perhaps the first time in last Monday’s FOX broadcast. He made no mention of the blatant flaws in the performances of my fellow Irishmen Nevin and Kavanagh, and was instead content to praise the little that they did well, against poor opposition. But hey, maybe he was throwing the lads a bone on Paddy’s Day?!

      The Sky broadcasters are very poor for the most part. Nick Halling is an atrocious play by play guy (he’s never seen a right hand from an orthodox fighter that didn’t someone qualify as a ‘right hook’), and Jim Watt is the best of a bad bunch on colour commentary. The Sky lads are coached in the ‘read from a teleprompter & tell the viewers that everything is A-O-K’ school of broadcasting

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