8 thoughts on “Full Fight Video – Danny Garcia vs. Mauricio Herrera

  1. this judges and commentATORS LOoK IDIOT. i had it 115-113 for herera winning by one round

  2. God that fight was so very obviously one sided…. Herrera had this is the bag. From the 8th when they started talking about the scorecards I knew it was foul play. Are these the same judges from the last 2 Bradley fights? LOL Jeremy I agree. He was up 4 rounds….

    • I thought it was a relatively close fight, but Herrera was clear winner. Certainly you couldnt give Garcia more than a draw

      The ridiculous open scoring made the unfair final cards an irritating inevitablity

  3. Finally saw this one. Herrera by two or three in my book.

    Garcia underrated him and, while he took the win by rancid favoritism, he paid for it physically and mentally. Trouble waits for him at welterweight.

    • Garcia always finds a way to get over the finish line, but I had Herrera winning pretty comfortably.

      I can see Garcia having some success at 147 if he’s matched carefully, which he surely will be. The question is will he manoeuvre to a Mayweather payday unscathed.

      Terrible 2014 for him though. After ending 2014 with the respect of everyone for the Matthysse win, he’s ruined all that goodwill with this robbery and the Salka debacle

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