4 thoughts on “The Great Black Hope: Is Deontay Wilder The Future Of The Heavyweight Division?

  1. Good column, Jeremy.

    As you say, let’s see how he does with someone who can test his chin.

    • Thank you! Also, at this point I should prob find out your first name instead of referring to you as ‘arjcee’ all the time?

      Yes, and if you look at the vid I posted of one of his amateur fights, you’ll see his chin can be cracked. Plus he was almost knocked out in one of his early pro fights by journeyman Sconiers

      • Ha, ha, you’re right. Richard here.

        So Deontay is nitro that could be, er, deontaynated at any time, is that the implication? He wouldn’t be the first fighter to hide vulnerabilities behind a terrifying punch. TIme and opponents shall tell!

      • Nice to be on a first name basis, Richard!

        haha, “deontaynated” and “down goes Wilder” — two potential article titles for after his first defeat

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