8 thoughts on “Video – Delusional Shannon Briggs confronts Wladimir Klitschko at his Training Camp

  1. “Where you go, I go! Shannon Briggs is back! Yi-aa! Yi-aa!”

    Sure sign you need to lay off the ‘roids and comic books: when you discover a second syllable in “yeah” and proceed to inflict it on a guy who could easily dismember you.

    Briggs lost the plot years ago when he publicly trashed his mentor Teddy Atlas, without whom he’d be (even more of) a nobody.

    • haha poor Briggs, pathetically begging for a final payday. He was hospitalized after the brutal beating from Vitali, hasnt he learnt his lesson?

      Also, it’s amusing that he apparently had to be held back by a couple of 150lb guys haha

      What did Briggs say about Atlas? There’s a great story in Atlas’ autobiog about a street fight with Atlas & Briggs vs. a bunch of skinheads outside a bar

    • True soap opera stuff between Teddy & Briggs!

      And no, I didnt see that segment because FNF has recently switched channels in the UK and Ireland, and, as much as I miss my guys Teddy and Joe, the new channel is subscription and far too expensive!

      I’ll try to check it out online, and post it here if I like it

  2. FYI, if you’ve not seen it, Friday’s fairly lackluster fight card on FNF bookended a corker of a feature on Abdusalamov.

    So hard hitting was it as journalism I expected Teddy to comment, too, but for whatever reason he did not.

    I would like to think the tears shed by John David Jackson are genuine, but even so, the cynic in me sees the attempt to pin full responsibility on the NY state authorities (ineffectual as they certainly were) as being a little too convenient for the fighter’s corner, and not least for Jackson himself.

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