2 thoughts on “Video – Tim Bradley vs Manny Pacquiao II – HBO Face Off with Max Kellerman

  1. This is a strange entry in boxing promotion history. Supremely awkward. The confessional feeling, agitated by the throb of that third-rate sci-fi movie soundtrack, made me genuinely sorry for Manny. Surely after all he’s given us, he deserves better than this do-you-still-have-it business.

    Not that it isn’t a valid question. It’s the only question. Merely having to ask it is to put the authenticity of the match into question, and before our eyes this great warrior’s twilight becomes a kind of sad reality TV show.

    I had Manny easily winning the first fight. The indentured tax department mercenary that he has become will not win a second time as comfortably, if at all.

    • It’s HBO’s selling point for the rematch, and theyre pushing it hard. I usually enjoy the face offs but this one fell flat

      I scored the first fight 8-4 Pacquiao (with Bradley closing the gap late), but think the rematch could go either way

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