4 thoughts on “Highlights video – Anthony Mundine vs. Joshua Clottey

  1. This one’s another argument for leaving dad out of the corner. How many times was Clottey supposed to knock down poor Mundine, anyway?

    Where do you think this heavier Clottey fits into the light middleweight picture. He’s fairly well-traveled with lots of rounds against hard hitters (Manny, Margarito, Cotto, Corrales) in his time. Is there much upside left?

    • I am one of the few longtime admirers of Clottey, and think he still, at 36, beats many of the 154 lb top ten. Delighted to see him beat up the delusional Mundine

      He is such an underrated fighter: beat Judah easily, gave a prime Margarito hell with two damaged hands, and, in my view, beat Cotto.

      It’s a pity that he’s judged solely on his poor, negative display against Pacquiao

      • I like him, too, and a gentleman out of the ring. He could have been far less kind to Mundine afterwards given all the leaning and rabbit punching. That bloody Oliver Hardy of a ref was useless.

        I could see Clottey cutting through the B-list in the division and some pretenders to the A-list, eg, Martrisoyan, but not rising to the very top. Alvarez would give him fits like Pacquiao did.

      • I haven’t seen any more of the fight than the highlights I posted, but it’s no surprise to hear the ref was poor. He appears to give Mundine a very long count on one of the KDs also.

        I really hope we see Clottey in a meaningful fight again. I think he was rejected by HBO as an opponent for someone not too long ago. I can’t precisely remember who though

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