6 thoughts on “Full Fight Video – Bernard Hopkins vs. Beibut Shumenov

  1. Is there no equivalent for “left-hand guard” in the Kazakh language? Enjoyed the announcer who said, “I feel like getting up there between rounds and slapping Shumenov too.” Anyway, props to Bhop who was a fair sight less boring than usual. 😉 Bold of him to call out Stevenson — crazy, too.

    • Hopkins’ fights in recent years have been more exciting than expected, this being the latest example

      And I enjoyed the commentary a lot from the guys on the international feed, Shumenov’s low left hand was exploited expertly

      I dont know who I’d pick in Stevenson-Bhop at this point..more thought is needed

  2. B-Hop schooling another fighter… he has done it so many times we are losing count. True legend, treats boxing as an art form, as it should be.

  3. “Judge” Gustavo Padilla – had it 114-113 to Shumenov.

    How is this possible, especially with the knockdown. I almost crapped my pants, when I heard a judge went to Shumenov. There has to be an error, I am thinking.

    “THE Pod Index, an independent body who examine the performance of boxing judges, will be conducting an official scoring review of the Hopkins vs. Shumenov fight due to the controversial scoring of the match.
    Gustavo Padilla scored the fight 114-113 for Shumenov, while Moretti and Roth had it 116-111 for Hopkins.

    Padilla has a Pod Index of 62.93%. The world average is 77.33%
    The results of the official review will be published next week.”

    Very curious to hear the findings.

    • Yes, that will indeed be interesting. I hadnt heard of ‘The Pod index’, but would appreciate being kept abreast of what they say, if that’s not too much trouble!

      Certainly Padilla’s septic card must rank among the worst in recent memory

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