Pound4poundireland’s April 20th Light Heavyweight top 10

Champion: Adonis Stevenson

1. Bernard Hopkins

2. Sergey Kovalev

3. Jean Pascal

4. Chad Dawson

5. Andrzej Fonfara

6. Juergen Braehmer

7. Tavoris Cloud

8. Beibut Shumenov

9. Isaac Chilemba

10. Edwin Rodriguez

– Hopkins dominates Shumenov to remarkably unify titles aged 49.

He rises one spot, while Shumenov slips one

6 thoughts on “Pound4poundireland’s April 20th Light Heavyweight top 10

  1. “I’m getting my papers and going to Canada!”

    The most interesting words I can imagine Bernard uttering. He has balls of steel (forged, naturally, on Alpha Centauri).

    Even so I give him middling odds against Stevenson, where I see brains and technique crumbling under repeat bombardment. It’s very possible I’m selling the wily one short given his vastly superior experience and psychological advantages, qualities I don’t find exciting but which speak for themselvs. Still, I think he won’t have enough mobility to get out of the way or enough time to tie up his man. Stevenson isn’t Shoelessmenov, a plodder whose guard diligently protected his kneecap no many how lead rights he ate. Adonis is a freight train packed with WMDs, the cargo bubbling over with ill intent. To neutralize him, you might want help from a one-man Spetznaz unit like Kovalev.

    Let’s hear from the ranking Transn’l Boxing Ratings Board member in these parts! Who would you pick and in what result, Jeremy?

    • It is a hugely intriguing fight. Initially I favoured Adonis by Dawson-esque lopsided decision, but now I’m erring towards a final great B-Hop befuddlement. Certainly it is always difficult to pick against the ageless warrior, and I’ll need to put more thought into this 1 before making a definitive pick

      • A Final Befuddlement. That will sound good on the fight posters. 😉

        Mind, I do give Bernard some odds, certainly more than I would to just about everyone other than Kovalev. I will say that if he can win, through grappling and mugging, it might prove less interesting to watch than it is now to speculate over. He’d have to lure Stevenson into that kind of low-intensity, close-quarters duel of pawing, grinding short punches that is his specialty. I don’t know if Stevenson would agree to it — I know he’s made of terror, but can’t judge the strength of his mental game.

      • Remember that it wasnt long ago that Stevenson was a veteran 168lb contender that not many people thought would win a title. He’s probably flattered by wins over the ordinary Bellew, and two guys coming off losses — Dawson and Cloud.

        I dont think anyone’s ever truly ready for the supreme technical challenges of getting in the ring with BHop, and I dont know if Stevenson possesses the attributes that Dawson did to clearly outpoint the old man

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