11 thoughts on “Dan Rafael details the Oscar De La Hoya presser to discuss the Schaefer rift, as one of boxing’s biggest stories comes to a boiling point

  1. Will be interesting to see what happens. Golden Boy have by far the most impressive stable, and it would be a shame if it split because of this. Regardless of how it ends up, I cannot see De la Hoya getting rid of Schaefer. He is the one making the big fights whilst Oscar was in rehab.

    He may have made peace with Arum, but there is too much history between the two promotional companies for them to work together, I feel.

    • If the GB stable splits, 80%+ will be going with Schaefer & Haymon is the rumours are to be believed!

      TR and GB wont work together as long as Arum and Schaefer are in charge…but if Schaefer leaves, they might, although it would matter far less if the majority of the talent absconds with Schaefer and we are simply left with a different cold war

      • Very true. It doesn’t bode well if that happens. Very true what you say, very few fighters are not with Al Haymon. Only Canelo, Abner Mares and a few others come to mind. Here’s hoping it gets sorted.

      • I suspect Bernard is a wild card here. His dishing of Arum suggests it won’t be easy for Oscar to hold the company together. But what I suspect is that as a ruthless survivor Bernard views Oscar as a poor bet going forward, in terms of stability and commitment, and I wouldn’t exactly disagree.

        Contrary to F. Scott Fitzgerald, there are second acts in American life. They just don’t follow photos of you in a tutu.

      • Haha. Yes I’d imagine B-Hop would certainly jump ship with Schaefer if it came to that. He’s too smart not to

        Difficult situation for Oscar. He understandably wants some control of his company and its future, and is upset about the Haymon no-contract situation with most of his fighters. But it’s hard to get the reigns back after years of back seat coasting, and high-heel wearing alcohol and coke binges

    • Yes, it is a pathetic situation. Fans are held hostage and, in a strange manner of appropriating attention, the machinations of dull old rich men are made to be a kind of substitute spectacle in itself.

      • That’s one of the funny things about boxing. While the fights are the primary reason we watch, the sport’s daily happenings and back room machinations & drama make for what amounts to a soap opera for intelligent adults haha

        There’s never a dull moment in boxing, good or bad

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