4 thoughts on “Full Fight Video – Adrien Broner vs. Carlos Molina

  1. Broner looked adequate against B-level competition, I thought. Fleeter of foot now that he’s lost weight and in better shape. He seems to have taken to heart the idea that the shell needs mobility to protect himself.

    For all that, still very hittable. I think two or more top guys at 140 would swarm on him and rough him up. Even the other Molina might do so, too. Pacquiao would be the Maidana nightmare all over again.

  2. Matthyse v Broner!! Now that would be something! I would be backing Matthyse on his relentlessness and punching power.

    Anyway, relating to Broner, a nice vid from Brother Naazim Richardson on why Broner and Mayweather are completely different fighters.

    Big fan of Brother Naazim here 🙂

    • I would also pick Matthysse over Broner as things currently stand, although I dont think Lucas is the fighter I thought he was prior to facing Garcia

      Good vid, thanks for the share. Nice insight from Naazim

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