6 thoughts on “Full Fight Video – Amir Khan vs. Luis Collazo

  1. Collazo should immediately beg for a rematch — against Victor Ortiz. 😉

    If Maidana had Khan’s stamina, we’d be talking about a new champ this morning. However, as Khan doesn’t have Maidana’s ferocious attack, he isn’t going to out-Mayweather Mayweather. He did make Collazo look a plodder, and rightly so. By way of contrast I’d note that’s what Broner failed to do with Molina.

    All in all, a good night of boxing!

    • Khan was very impressive imo (although he was briefly hurt pretty much the only time Collazo landed clean in round 8!)

      He returned to the Kotelnik tactics of using his attributes to dart in and out with fast combos, and not engage in a brawl

      He’s an awkward style matchup for anybody, but there’s other fights I’d like to see him in before he can say he’s really earned a Mayweather shot

  2. Khan was impressive, but man, the excessive holding was beyond the pale. He fought more disciplined, but I have always felt Khan needs to learn to fight more evenly and in a smooth manner, use his speed but not use excessive movement/running. Side-step your man so you can land the counter without wasting energy [e.g. Rigo/Hopkins]

    I agree, he needs to fight the likes of Thurman/Porter/Guerrero before even considering Mayweather.

    • I could see a Khan-Guerrero fight happening

      While the style you advocate for Khan would be more pleasing, I feel he has to be more negative and focus on movement & raiding attacks in order to be successful

      • Fair point. Lateral movement and speed are two of his greatest attributes.

        I think he has a good chance against Guerrero but Thurman and Porter would be a huge test for Khan. I think either would KO Khan.

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