14 thoughts on “Full Fight Video – Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Marcos Maidana

  1. Very enjoyable fight. Words I never expected to use to describe anything involving Mayweather.

    I gave Chino five rounds. It might have been closer or more distant; the video I saw wasn’t hi-res enough for me to tell how well his flurries on the ropes were connecting. More on that in a moment.

    To score even five out of twelve against the P4P king is a kind of symbolic victory. How he did this is, I think, fascinating. Closing distance, throwing from odd angles and in flurries, and critically, denying Mayweather (for half the fight) the ability to get a rhythm going with the jab that permits his vicious lead rights — this was something extraordinary we haven’t seen in years.

    But I think Chino’s best tactic was the overhand clubbing blow on the ropes. This troubled Mayweather. Whether it hurt or whether it merely was the chink in the armor — the one place that the elegant evader couldn’t cover or move out of range — these rat-a-tats on his big shiny dome were consternating, along with the mugging of arms and the smaller fighter’s head an urgent chisel on his chest. Together this nullified both the rope defense and most counter possibilities.

    Alas, Chino couldn’t fight like that for twelve rounds. Even a prime Pacman couldn’t. It was a formidable plan and I had him up 4-2 at the halfway point.

    Mayweather’s discomfort on the ropes was also striking in the way it more than once ended with Chino pressing Money’s head down, as if he, Chino, were the bigger man! Mayweather was being manhandled. Read into that what you will, but note two things: the look on his face as he was sent through and left a rag doll bent over the ropes, and the frozen dread as he awaited the verdict (thank you, Jimmy Lennox, for that amusement). Mortality was texting Money images of himself in autumn.

    We saw what happened when Chino gassed. Out in Mayweather land, he fell prey to clean headshots and — this surprised me a little, again maybe it was down to video quality — looping, slapping body shots that seemed to take much longer than needed to hit him. Not sure if that was Mayweather varying the tempo or tiring himself, perhaps from Chino’s body attack.

    Rematch? Well, who the hell else is going to give the king as much trouble? It’s possible Mayweather’s aging, but I simply think Chino’s style is going to give him problems for four or five rounds. Broner succumbed to it. Mayweather is strong, takes a good shot and still protects himself against most. So all things being equal, I don’t see a rematch going any better for Chino, though I do think it’d be a painful night’s work for the champ. I suspect Mayweather could overpower Chino much earlier and more brutally, but he won’t sell out painfully to do so (“Don’t let him hit your head,” we heard his gargoyle of a father say).

    • I scored the fight the same as you, 7-5 to Floyd, after trailing 4-1 after 5.

      Chino was the bigger man, 165lbs to Mayweather’s 148, and he really imposed that size advantage in a way we havent seen since Castillo. I was impressed by Mayweather’s body attack in the middle to late rounds when he, shockingly, struggled to land clean to the head thruout. The typical Mayweather adjustments, throwing more combos and left hooks than usual, were of course the key to his victory.

      This was not the same Maidana offensively or defensively that we’ve seen in recent times get schooled by Alexander, hurt by Soto Karass, and dropped by Josesito! He was a revelation

      This fight made the Cotto fight look like a cakewalk. I always thought that fight’s competitiveness was overstated, but this was the real deal. It was the first time we’ve seen Mayweather’s legs looks their 37 years. As mentioned before, his incredible timing and accuracy also seemed off. He is clearly past his prime, and I was as unsure as he was when Lennon read out the scorecards.

      I’m not the only one who hopes Pacquiao doesnt resign with TR and we can finally get a post-prime Mayweather-Pacquiao showdown next year haha

      As for the inevitable rematch, I can see a similar situation to Castillo. Mayweather having some problems again, but winning more easily than the first time

  2. What a fight! Kudos to Chino for making this a very competitive, exciting and close fight. Regardless of Mayweather’s words on standing to impress the fans, he did get hit a lot more than we are accustomed to seeing him being hit [Maidana landed more punches than any other fight according to Compubox]. He got tagged not only on the ropes but in centre ring too. Two or three right hands by Maidana landing flush I recall.

    I had the fight 115-113 to Mayweather and agreed with 114-114 of Pernick [I think Mayweather won 6 decisively and 1 was up for grabs with Chino taking the rest]. The other two scorecards were too lenient to Mayweather.

    The rematch maybe more one-sided with Floyd deciding to move more, but Chino desevres the rematch and is more deserving of the fight than Khan, Porter, Thurman etc.

  3. I agree to on your comment about Mayweather’s legs and ageing, he does seem to have slowed and does not have the razor-like reflexes and speed he once possessed.

    Also as a side-note, whilst appreciating Mayweather’s craft, I have to say I see Rigondeaux and Hopkins having better defensive/counter-punching skills 🙂

    • I think Mayweather’s punch stats speak for themselves in terms of his defensive and counterattacking ability. But yes, Rigo and B-Hop are the only fighters comparable in that regards, along with Ward

  4. Wow I read espn fighthype comments and there all trash. I was texting a friend and said floyd maybe got old. But after thinking could Marcos just be Floyd’s kryptonight? He doesn’t have the best speed or legs but someone of Floyd’s smarts should be able to figure out most if not all styles. A younger floyd would have been more active with punches but I just think Marcos mulling style would give floyd problems At any stage of his carrer

    • Maidana did perform brilliantly, but I categorically disagree with the rest of your comment.

      In his last fight of 2013, he fought the number 1 junior middleweight who was unbeaten and in his prime, who most people felt he would wait longer to fight, or maybe not face at all. That is a real threat. That Mayweather made the Canelo fight look so easy is a credit to his skills.

      The irony is that Maidana was viewed beforehand as Mayweather’s weakest foe in years

  5. I understand what you say, but in my opinion Canelo was an easy fight for Mayweather and he knew it as well as the fans (except maybe a few in Mexico). Why many people is telling now that GGG is too big for Mayweather. Simple, I think this people do not want to see his hero lose.

    • Many people viewed Canelo as a tough fight for Mayweather. It’s easy to have 20/20 hindsight

      Golovkin is obviously too big to fight Mayweather, and he has never made 154. Mayweather is outweighed by almost 20 lbs against the likes of Maidana and Canelo anyway so criticizing him for not fighting middleweights is pretty ludicrous.

      And a sidenote, GGG is contracted to HBO and Mayweather to Showtime so the fight would be impossible anyway. If youre not with Golden Boy, you arent fighting Mayweather. Same goes for Top Rank and Pacquiao

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