6 thoughts on “Full Fight Video – Bermane Stiverne vs. Chris Arreola II

  1. Fun one, while it lasted. I don’t think there’s much to say about the fight — as before it’s a mismatch of power. The intrigue for me was its glimpse into a post-Klitschko future, where heavyweight prize fighting should have more dimensions, and more back and forth momentum, than the David vs. Goliath stuff we’re now accustomed to. Nice also hearing the Teddy of old, once more hyperventilating in the red zone.

    • Classic Teddy and I was delighted that my Boxnation broadcast in Ireland had the ESPN commentary last night

      Yeah, it’s funny. People do nothing but criticize the HW division because of the Klitschko dominance in one-sided, one-paced fights. Take away Wladimir, and youre left with a series of pick-em brawls between B-level guys that would give the illusion of a surge in quality in the division…because for many people entertainment value equals fistic quality.

      • It is funny. The Klits possessed what is fair in love and war, which is *everything*. Their dominance was no sin, nor was it a blessing! The way they used jabs and one-twos with the ease of Gullivers among the Lilliputians just fell too much into the foregone conclusion category. Floyd can look supernatural while dominating. The way they went about it, they often looked like cyborgs from a Dolf Lundgren movie.

        One of the joys, surely, of B-level pick-ems is the narrative discovery?

      • There’s also the ignorant perception that the Klits beat up on smaller guys. The truth is theyve beaten the big men too – Wach, Thompson and others of comparable size…Pulev, Wilder, Fury et al will all join the victim list before too long.

        Btw I am very much looking forward to Wlad-Pulev probable fight in September. Top 2 HWs in the world

        Stiverne-Arreola II was a pickem slugfest to most (although I was 100% convinced of a B-Ware repeat win), whereas Wlad’s utter dominance over the past decade does drain the drama of the contest’s outcome which is of course the essence of every sporting occasion

  2. Yes, they prevailed over the big men, too. And Vitali with his last breath tried to lure Lewis back into the ring. They can not be criticized for selectivity or physical advantage, or for technique. The problem wasn’t theirs; it was the division’s. My complaints about Floyd, in fact, are about the inability of damn near everyone to fight on his level.

    But what would boxing be without griping. 🙂

    • Fans do love to complain!

      Mayweather has missed a few chances to ‘dare to be great’, and really test himself to the limit, but the same cant be said about the Klits, particularly Wlad, whose resume is a graveyard for practically every post-Lewis HW who has mattered, and not been thrashed by big bro.

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