Pound4poundireland’s May 11th Heavyweight top 10

Champion: Wladimir Klitschko


1. Kubrat Pulev

2. Alexander Povetkin

3. Bermane Stiverne

4. Tyson Fury

5. Tony Thompson

6. Vyacheslav Glazkov

7. Dereck Chisora

8. Steve Cunningham

9. Tomasz Adamek

10. Chris Arreola


– Stiverne rises 3 places after once again beating Chris Arreola to win a vacant title


– Arreola remains 10th for now

2 thoughts on “Pound4poundireland’s May 11th Heavyweight top 10

  1. Just wanted to comment on your intriguing remark a few days ago regarding Lennox Lewis as potential GOAT.

    I really can’t speak to the pre-1960s era, but I think any hw in the past half century would have had great trouble with Lewis. That includes Wladimir as well as a prime, not spent, Tyson. Height, reach, jab, heart, timing and analytical ability, Lewis possessed them in very large quantity. He could be caught, but then so could his hero, Ali. Intriguingly, when Lewis was hit with what arguably came to be seen as the toughest punch of the recent era, he survived and won, though he also saw in it the end of his career.

    • Absolutely, Lewis was the first great, and probably still the greatest, GIANT super heavyweight, and size matters in boxing.

      His combo of size and skills would almost certainly be too much for the likes of Louis, Frazier, Johnson, Dempsey etc.

      He’s my pick for de facto TBE 😉

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