12 thoughts on “Video – ALL ACCESS: MAYWEATHER VS. MAIDANA Epilogue

  1. Big fan of the Showtime epilogues. Really interesting to see behind the scenes, especially on the gloves.

    If there is a rematch [and I think it is probably the only fight which makes most sense, financially and boxing-wise], it will be interesting to see how the gloves will work out. I remember Robert Garcia saying to Schafer that he wants to use their original gloves and Schafer affirming they would put it in the contract.

    I don’t think Mayweather’s team will confer, though!

    • I agree that a rematch is pretty much a sure thing for September, and the gloves debate will form a key part of the negotiations.

      Money talks though so ultimately Mayweather will always get his way. Word is that Maidana got a decent ‘bonus’ for compromising on which type of Everlasts he ended up using

      • Sadly true. Money does talk. If we were in a fair world, the Nevada State Atheltic Commission would rule on the gloves, and if they were acceptable for the commission, then fine, and vica versa. But sadly as you say, money talks.

        Hopefully, Chino gets a bigger payday in the rematch as he actually gave us a competitive and close fights against Mayweather, he deserves it.

      • I’m sure he’ll get at least a slightly improved payday, and he’ll deserve it.

        I see the rematch being like Castillo II, competitive again but much clearer win for Mayweather

  2. I agree with your sentiments, however Floyd Mayweather is getting older and less mobile. It should be a clearer win for Floyd but if Chino carries the pressure and rough tactics which served him so well in the first fight, Mayweather might have to face another difficult fight.

    Furthermore, Floyd Mayweather throws a terrific jab to the body but not upstairs. I feel a strong quick jab to the head against Chino would serve him well.

    • Yes, it would be silly to underestimate Maidana again. He’s proven that he’s capable of beating Mayweather

      Mayweather has one of the best jabs in the sport and I expect him to be more accurate with it in a rematch

  3. I predict a repeat of the first exciting fight.

    Maidana’s contribution to our very limited lore on how to discomfit Floyd seems to be all about destabilizing his rhythm, which kept Floyd from getting the jab going as well as lead rights throughout the first half. As Floyd wants not to be hit more than anything, I see another Houdini act on the ropes until Chino’s strongest assault peters out.

    Interesting to look at Maidana-Ortiz, where staying in the pocket gives Ortiz multiple knockdowns but only at the price of ending the night with a mug beyond even the healing properties of Face Lube. Floyd won’t chance that.

    I do think Maidana should sell out a little more on the ropes with his sledgehammer punch: aim for the top of the big shiny dome, the only place Floyd can’t cover or move out of the way. Also, push him through the ropes again, please. 😉

    • Lol @ FaceLube…that joke will never get old!

      Who knows, Maidana could even win the rematch. The pervasive belief (and I’m of this opinion too) seems to be that Mayweather will box to a wider decision next time, but it could just be a Jones-Tarver 1 kind of situation…

      Also, on an entirely unrelated subject, I will be directing my first short film soon, which is quite exciting. Only downside is that the first shoot day is sked for May 31st, meaning I’ll miss Donaire-Vetyeka live, and, more importantly, miss at least the undercard of Froch-Groves II…but hopefully not the main event. That should be something extra special in Wembley Stadium with 80k screaming fans

  4. Brilliant! Fiction or documentary?

    As for the fights, you’ll have to impose a press/Twitter blackout on yourself until you can properly see them. 😉

    • Fiction, I wrote the screenplay as well. As a fellow movie buff with great taste, youre welcome to read it over if you like. Just send an email to wintermovie@hotmail.com and I can forward it on…just if youre interested!

      I did actually direct a short doc on a local boxing coach earlier this year also, but that isnt avail online at the mo.

      Damn right, I’ll be able to record Donaire and watch that night…but cant record the big fight unfort because it’s ‘Sky Box Office’, ie PPV. Even if I get to see the main event live, the nail-biting anticipation and luxuriation in the building atmosphere of the undercard will be lost 😦

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