Pound4poundireland’s May 25th Lightweight top 10

1. Miguel Vazquez

2. Terence Crawford

3. Raymundo Beltran

4. Ricky Burns

5. Daniel Estrada

6. Emiliano Marsili

7. John Molina

8. Omar Figueroa

9. Rustam Nugaev

10. Henry Lundy


– Richar Abril’s scheduled title defense has been cancelled, and, with more than a year’s inactivity and no fight on the schedule, he exits


– Lundy enters at 10

4 thoughts on “Pound4poundireland’s May 25th Lightweight top 10

      • Your right actually about Garcia. Sorry mate, he will be moving up soon though. How do you think he will fare at 135lb?

        How do you think the Gamboa vs Crawford fight will go?

        How do you think Stevie Ormond would get on against some of the fighters you ranked in the top ten?

      • I think Garcia can have a lot of success at 135 and above.

        I see a dominant points win for Crawford. He has huge height and reach advantages and Gamboa has flattered to deceive for years now.

        Ormond is coming along well but not ready for top ten opposition yet. That said, it’s not a strong division so there are guys in the current top ten who he could definitely compete with already

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