4 thoughts on “Full Fight Video – Adonis Stevenson vs. Andrzej Fonfara

  1. That kid Fonfara has some whiskers.

    Stevenson is being criticized for the performance, but I think he proved he’s more than a KO artist. He picked himself up, made adjustments, turned it on in the championship rounds and won decisively. If he looked more mortal than usual, I think it’s a credit to his tough, dogged opponent. He claims to have hurt his hand; if true, he finished impressively.

    I still give him decent odds against Hopkins, expecting him to outwork and possibly hurt the wily older man. I don’t think Chad Dawson has anything on Stevenson, and he showed it isn’t impossible.

    It’s Kovalev who I think is the big question mark.

    Your thoughts? And thanks for linking to the video!

    • Youre very welcome

      I’m more down on Stevenson’s performance than you are, and view it as validation of my opinion that Kovalev would decimate him early, and Hopkins finds a way to decision him. Still a solid win over a legit contender though, and we’ve seen worse struggles from the likes of Danny Garcia in recent times

      Stevenson proved against Cloud that he could box, but he is not in Dawson’s league in that respect.

      Well done to Fonfara, and I’d expect to see him in with Kovalev before the year is out

      • I was surprised to see some of the basic errors that Adonis Stevenson made throughout the fight. Bad balance, poor defensive skills and lack of stamina… I agree with you and Kovalev would KO Adonis and B-Hop would take him to school.

        I can see B-Hop doing to Stevenson what he has done to countless others, e.g. Tito, Tarver etc. and just beating Adonis up with boxing skills.

      • It’s still a very dangerous fight for B-Hop. Even tho he was the better man in both fights, Pascal gave B-Hop all he could handle a couple yrs ago, and Stevenson is superior to Pascal, although with similar weaknesses like the ones you outlined.

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