4 thoughts on “Video – HBO’s “2 Days: Ruslan Provodnikov”

  1. Ruslan Provodnikov has to be considered one of the most exciting fighters in the sport today. Fearless, willing to fioght anybody, warrior spirit… I hope he gets the big fight that he deserves and if he is successful against Algieri, he can fight Marquez, Pacquaio etc.

    I think both would probably duck him, so I sincerely hope he can fight the other top fighters in the division. Irrespective of this though, a true fan favourite and one of my favourite fighters to watch.

    • One of Provodnikov’s problems is the limited pool of opponents available to him on HBO.

      I’d like a rematch with Bradley, but Arum says he will look to make the unappealing Bradley-Rios, if Rios beats Chaves (big if imo)

      • Provodnikov-Rios would be a terrific fight, if that could be made. Provodnikov could move over to Showtime as his main promoter is Banner Promotions and Artie Pelullo. He could leave Arum after the fight with Algieri.

        If he could go over to Showtime, and maybe sign with Golden Boy, then the fun truly begins. Fights with Matthyse, Thurman, Porter etc. Him against Matthyse would be all time greatness…

      • I dont see that happening unless he changes promoter. Pellulo has expressed a strong loyalty to HBO. (And also worth noting that Provod has no promotional affiliation with Arum)

        Provod-Rios would definitely be fun, but I think a rather easy win for Provod at this point. I dont see Rios having much success now that he is a welter

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