6 thoughts on “Full Fight Video – Carl Froch vs. George Groves II

  1. Deadly finish by Froch. I had him up slightly going into the round, though winning the psychological duel by a very wide margin. It seemed to me his attack was the harder, more assured one, and that Groves was too tentative, allowing himself to be stalked by the slower dreadnought.

    Groves, fighting cautiously, was negating his own advantage in speed. He did come on in the eighth and ninth, maybe after pacing himself to fight a full twelve, but my gut feeling was the champ’s blows were doing more damage and would tell down the road.

    Enjoyed hearing Paulie and Jim Watt together. Wembley packed — what a sight!

    • Wembley did look amazing and a truly special event for the sport.

      I had Groves up 4-3 going into the 8th, but agree largely with your take on the fight, although I think Groves was catching him with pot-shot counters from time to time, though without the authority of his thudding punches in their first meeting.

      Amazing KO, dead cert for ko of the year. Froch’s legacy secure forever, and a probable future hall of famer at this point. What a resume

  2. Yes, those counters briefly looked promising. Paulie and Jim pointed out that Froch’s wide punching on the ropes left him open for inside shots. Not that those seemed to stop him!

    I wonder what changed for Groves between the first and second fights. Was the first time truly a KO, then, as Froch always maintained? Something made the challenger more conservative, measured rather than aggressive, and it looks to have been his undoing.

    Froch has nothing to prove now. I was slightly amused to hear him say his dream is to fight in Vegas. Perhaps his dream is to make Vegas-sized money, but everyone fighting there in the casinos would trade place with him in a heartbeat — Floyd included.

    So, how’s the shoot going?

    • Well since Mayweather recently earned approx 100m for the Canelo fight, and Froch earned approx 12m for the Wembley event, I wouldnt be so sure haha

      Froch wants a big fight in Vegas to cap off his career and who could blame him. A Chavez Jr. promotion would be fun, as would the obvious Froch victory.

      Thanks for asking — it’s gone very well. Literally just finished the first 3 shoot days after working flat out. Missed some of the weekend’s boxing so have to catch up now haha

      4th and final shoot day in about a week’s time

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