9 thoughts on “Full Fight Video – Sergio Martinez vs. Miguel Cotto

  1. Thanks for the link, Jeremy.

    Props to Cotto, looking a beast with a faded champ in front of him.

    How long do you think he can hold onto the title?

  2. Btw, I see the fuss on Twitter over Chris Eubank’s bespoke corner wardrobe. He may look absurd — boxing’s John Steed, ha ha — but I hardly think his sleeveless get up is a “mockery of our sport.”

    Saw the son’s demolition of the opponent. Be interesting to see if he can handle quality competition.

    • Hard to say. I think we’ll see a softer defence of the title in December, and then a mega defence vs the likes of Canelo or Mayweather next year.

      Eubank Jr. is an increasingly good prospect. Lol, yeah I agree that ‘mockery’ is overstating it, but it sure is amusing the ire he creates amongst hardened fans and observers.

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