5 thoughts on “Video – KO of the year candidate: Andy Lee KO5 John Jackson

  1. Now that is guts.

    Good on Andy Lee, almost knocked through the ropes and then standing triumphant.

    • Fantastic shot, a miracle punch to save his skin against fringe opposition.

      Reminiscent of his final round ko of McEwan a few years back.

      I fear for Andy against world level opposition

  2. What a punch by Limerick’s Andy Lee 🙂

    I share your sentiments of him against higher opposition, but glad for him that he got this great KO.

    Kudos to you BTW for correctly predicting Cotto’s TKO few weeks back. I was sad to see the physical breakdown of Maravilla in the fight, I agree with what he said about being cold and catching punches in the first round and not recovering, but still hard to see a proud champion go through that.

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