Pound4poundireland’s June 29th Lightweight top 10

1. Terence Crawford

2. Miguel Vazquez

3. Raymundo Beltran

4. Dejan Zlaticanin

5. Daniel Estrada

6. Emiliano Marsili

7. John Molina

8. Omar Figueroa

9. Rustam Nugaev

10. Henry Lundy


–  Dejan Zlaticanin enters at 4th, after beating Burns, who exits after his second (de facto third) consecutive defeat


– Crawford jumps to the top spot after knocking out Gamboa

2 thoughts on “Pound4poundireland’s June 29th Lightweight top 10

  1. I’d still put Vazquez ahead by a mile to be honest. His six title defenses may not have ben thrilling but they’ve come with relative ease. Also, I’m not sure a win over Burns or an unproven lightweight i Gamboa (whom Crawford had his struggles against) are quite enough to put him ahead of Vazquez. And dare I say Belmonte should be ahead of Omar Figueroa.

    • Thanks for your comment

      I had Belmontes narrowly beating Figueroa but have to abide by the official result

      As for Vazquez or Crawford, Vazq has fought just once in a year and a half.

      While his resume is better overall, you cant hold onto top position forever without fighting.

      Crawford has won two fights against top lightweight opposition (Gamboa is obviously unproven at 135 but common sense and the eye-test clearly proves he’s very dangerous) very impressively and deserves the nod for now.

      I agree that ‘excitment factor’ plays little to no part in objectively delineating where one stands in a list of the division’s best, so I certainly dont hold Vazq’s often ugly style against him

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