6 thoughts on “Video – Teddy Atlas rips the upcoming Danny Garcia-Rod Salka fight

    • haha I hadnt spotted that you had labelled Teddy the “conscience of the sport” before commenting the same in the other post. Great minds think alike!

      FYI, just completed my short. Wont be able to post online for a while at least as we hope to enter it into some festivals

      • Ha ha, nice one.

        Thrilled to hear you’ve completed the short. Let me know when the time is appropriate for a look.

    • Also, two facts worth noting:

      #1 – In Showtime PPV and champ. boxing cards this year so far, the favourites are 22-0. So much for even matchmaking

      #2 – Salka (who ‘earned’ this opportunity by upsetting Cork-based fighter Alexei Collado, who I once ran into in a pub there haha) is rated by Boxrec at 79th in the world at LIGHTWEIGHT. What a putrid excuse for a challenger for lineal 140lb champ and many people’s p4p entrant Garcia.

      • Scandalous, even in a sport that pumps scandal in its veins.

        On The Ring’s site where the writers are largely Oscar’s leashed pets, the reporting has been putrid, eg, Dela Hoya “warning” Danny to watch out for dangerous underdogs, etc.

      • Absolutely, will forward a link to u as soon as the film is posted online.

        Someone obviously forgot to tell Oscie that the “most dangerous opponents” are actually proven world class contenders

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