5 thoughts on ““The Trouble With Floyd Mayweather”: an in-depth indictment of the p4p king’s rampant misogny

  1. Its really sad to say “that this is a common thing in boxing”. Look at Tyson, Riddick Bowe, Trevor Berbick, etc. Heck its even common thing in American Football. Athletes getting paid ridiculous amount of money despite being horrible human beings.

    In a perfect world. Women should be staying away from these types of Athletes all together. Sadly its not a perfect world.

      • We might consider the free pass Mayweather gets for his serial violence in light of the current Steven A. Smith fiasco at ESPN, too. Attitudes that diminish or even blame women for male violence are woven right into the culture, indeed in its deepest seams.

        As an aside to the Deadspin piece, I was not surprised to find the dull, sycophantic Dan Rafael playing the useful idiot once again, either.

  2. Very glad you brought that piece to our attention, Jeremy.

    For my money, no pun unintended, Gallego’s criticism is up there with Hauser’s for integrity and incisiveness.

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