July 23rd’s Random Boxing Rants

*115lb. titlist Omar Narvaez is now just 4 world title fight wins away from matching Julio Cesar Chavez’s record of 31.

Boxingscene’s David Greisman mentioned my twitter discussion with Cliff Rold on the subject here, at number 3 in his ’10 count’: http://www.boxingscene.com/fighting-words-magnetism-pacquiao-marquez-5–77962


* Just getting familiar with Ali Raymi, the 39yo Yemenese strawweight who is 21-0 with a world record 21 straight 1st rd kos.

Boxing at its freakshow best/worst.

This interview is an immensely entertaining read:



* I’ll be the first to say it: Manny Pacquiao hasn’t stopped an opponent in 5 years, and he won’t stop Chris Algieri (surprise conqueror of Ruslan Provodnikov), who, by the  way, is an indication of how threadbare the Top Rank cupboard is for Pacquiao opponents.

It’s a disappointing matchup to say the least, and an indication of how far Pacquiao’s star has dipped since his 2009/10 peak


* The UK’s IBF bantamweight title merry-go-round continues.

Natural super flyweight Paul Butler has vacated to move back down in weight after defeating Stuart Hall, who will now face Randy Caballero for the vacant title.

Fair play to Hall’s promoter Dennis Hobson for once again securing a home world title shot for one of his fighters, but Caballero figures to be  a much taller order than the last man Hall was able to defeat, Vusi Malinga. Caballero is unbeaten and already has the experience of winning a big fight away from home in Japan.

Lee Haskins, conqueror of both Hall and current “regular” bauble-holder Jamie McDonnell, continues to be left out in the cold


* Teddy Atlas with his always-entertaining take on a couple of the  sport’s recent hot topics:



The one thing I disagree with Teddy on is that Garcia-Salka is not suddenly acceptable because it is now a non-title fight.

While I’ll never begrude fighters earning money, Garcia is still getting an undeserved $1m+ payday for what is a meaningless stay-busy fight, and the subscription fees of Showtime viewers in the USA are being wasted on this tripe.

Undercard fight for smaller purse? Fine. Main event for significant payday, i.e. waste of budget that could be spent on better fights? Not so much.


* Dan Rafael (the first ever recipient of the BWAA’s Fleischer award for liberal use of the copy & paste function, incessant toe jokes, and sophomoric water pressure reports) is critical of Guillermo Rigondeaux for doing the exact same thing he excused Mayweather for 3 years ago?!

Not a surprise


* Random observation: Barry Jones is the Welsh Al Bernstein. A pair of sound men & quality broadcasters


* I think all of Tyson Fury’s future opponents should just skip their ‘final sparring sessions’.

Very frustrating. Alexander Ustinov is a good short-notice replacement for this weekend though


* Prediction via Frankie Gavin: Kell Brook & his team to blame weight-making issues after he loses to Shawn Porter, and move immediately to 154


* The rumoured  fight between Adrien Broner against Emmanuel Taylor sucks.

They’re really wrapping Broner in cotton wool since the Maidana beating, and with such a deep stable at 140-154 there is no excuse for some of the ‘who cares’ fights Golden Boy are throwing together.

They seem utterly reluctant to match any of their A-sides together in these money divisions


* Stat that illustrates the problem with Al Haymon/Stephen Espinoza/Golden Boy matchmaking:

In 2014 so far, Showtime has aired 26 fights on pay-per-view or their top-tier’ championship boxing’ telecasts, and in all but one of those fights (Ricardo Alvarez-Sergio Thompson, in which I’d actually correctly favoured Thompson), the fighter generally considered to be the favourite has won.

Say the following in a Liev Schreiber voice: Danny Garcia vs. the immortal Rod Salka is just two and a half weeks away…

10 thoughts on “July 23rd’s Random Boxing Rants

  1. Great website man, ive been reading you for more than a year now but never took the time to leave a feedback, guess it’s done now

  2. All I can say about the Garcia vs Salka fight. At least its free. People are going to have to pay $70 for Pacquiao vs Algeri on PPV.

    As for the Mayweather thing. Its really sad to say “that its common thing in boxing”. Look at Tyson, Riddick Bowe, Trevor Berbick, etc. Heck its even common thing in American Football. Athletes getting paid ridiculous amount of money despite being horrible human beings.

    In a perfect world. Women should be staying away from these types of Athletes all together. Sadly its not a perfect world.

    • It’s not really free though. It’s still premium cable that you have to subscribe to, and the subscribers’ fees & Sho’s boxing budget are being wasted on this crap.

      PPVs are actually more forgiveable, because at least then consumers are being given a choice to buy or not, and their monthly subscriptions aren’t being wasted on the event.

      • True. But with that subscription I also get great tv shows like Ray Donovan, Penny Dreadful, etc. Not to mention movies. Since Boxing is once in while. I think its worth it.

        I think the real problem here is why boxing needs to be on Premium Cable at all? Most fights should be on regular television and only big notable fights should be on Regular Cable, Premium Cable or PPV. But for some reason boxing is never on regular television. Instead we get golf. Thats the bullshit I have to put up with here. How is it like in the Ireland?

      • I’m sure there are many who, unlike yourself, do have Sho just for the boxing, so must suck to be them on nights like Aug 9th, when we should be seeing Garcia-Peterson, rather than each in big money showcases.

        In Ireland, it’s similar, although the cost of subs and PPVs are less than in the US. There is a small amount of boxing free-to-air on terrestrial Channel 5, but, for the most part it’s divided between pay channels Sky Sports, Boxnation, and some on Eurosport. BT Sport also has the ESPN FNF shows, but, as much as I love Teddy & Joe, I cant justify subbing to that channel myself for just boxing.

        Sky Sports has most of the domestic action & some HBO/Sho cards (they also do 25 euro PPVs for Froch fights), but I also get to watch tennis, soccer, and, yes, golf haha with my sub.

        Boxnation, on the other hand is the world’s only boxing-dedicated channel and is great value at 15 euro a month, carrying some domestic action along with virtually every HBO/Sho/PPV card.

  3. * Dan Rafael (the first ever recipient of the BWAA’s Fleischer award for liberal use of the copy & paste function, incessant toe jokes, and sophomoric water pressure reports) is critical of Guillermo Rigondeaux for doing the exact same thing he excused Mayweather for 3 years ago?!

    LOL I 100% agree with this. I really don’t know whats up Dan Rafael’s ass when it comes to Rigondeaux. My best guess is that he needs to save face. After Rigondeaux embarrassed his “Espn Boxer of the year” in Donaire. In all honesty Donaire didn’t much in that fight against Rigo either. In fact Donaire had some pretty boring fights himself. Leading up to the fight. I wasn’t shocked at all he was schooled by Rigo.

    • Rafael gets a bee in his bonnet about some guys and then that’s it. He doesnt even include Rigo in his p4p top ten lol. Now that’s what I call willful ignorance

      Very true that Donaire had some boring fights with boos emanating from the crowd. Rafael’s scorecard for the Donaire-Rigo fight, with Rigo winning by a single point was laughable. I too picked Rigo to win beforehand, and Donaire hasnt been close to the same fighter since

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