11 thoughts on “Video – Delusional Shannon Briggs confronts Wladimir Klitschko at his Training Camp…again

  1. Why does Wlad let this guy in his gym or even get close to him in public? I know he probably finds all this amusing. But it ticks off fans who could give two shits about Briggs.

    • The fact that this happened again, and that Wlad acknowledged the confrontation on social media, makes me fear that Briggs will actually get a fight with Klitschko

  2. Sadly, Briggs is in good shape and aggressive (roids?) when it no longer matters. Points to Wlad for the right attitude.

    Back in the day, the idea of the “pseudo event” in social theory was a clever way to talk about manipulation in the mass media. You know: stuff presenting itself as spontaneous, unrehearsed “news” but in actuality designed to yank our chains. I would guess Briggs came to his understanding of the technique by watching a few too many hours of pro wrestling.


    • Pseudo event is an apt description of what’s going on here, Pure manufactured, if entertaining, hype

      Briggs is a good actor though and seems genuinely unhinged. And yes, I’d be surprised if he wasnt on PEDs given the ripped condition of his physique

  3. If this was pro wrestling he should be at least entertaining. Well to some people he probably is. I’m sure there people who actually enjoy his constant stalking of Wlad.

    He should try stalking another fighter. Because that fight with Wlad ain’t happening. I actually want to see him stalk Chris Arreola. Just to see that scenario play out haha. And he should also stalk Fres Oquendo. That way that idiot Tom Tsatas will finally meet his match.

    • It’s ridiculous stuff, and I’d hate it to lead to an eventual fight, but I admit I have been entertained by Briggs’ antics.

      haha Arreola-Briggs would be great, and I’d also be amused by Briggs-Oquendo. Whether or not he gets Wlad, I think what Briggs’ behaviour will do is get him one more significant fight

      • I think you’re right about him landing something for these amusing stunts. Well, why not. No point in watching Wladdy finish off another stoic European hw; finish off a crazed American instead, ha ha.

        Do my eyes deceive me or is that Michael Moorer leading Briggs out?

      • Michael Moorer it was. At least a former HW champ ‘holding back’ Briggs is more credible than the tiny lads keeping Briggs from throwing more shoes at Wlad in their prior gym confrontation

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