4 thoughts on “Full Fight Video – Sergey Kovalev vs. Blake Caparello

  1. If the fight against BHop actually is held, who will you take? Hopkins hasn’t exactly faced stellar competition in years, his late career resting on besting merely good, OK and has-been fighters and always requiring the distance to do so. The one man to beat him (handily) in recent times was promptly destroyed in the first round by Adonis Stevenson. For that reason alone, I’d much rather see Kovalev and Stevenson together. That fight is meaningful. There is nothing left to learn about Bernard except the inevitable bad news about age catching up at last.

    I like the cagey old devil and wish him well, but I find him dirty and boring inside the ring and would prefer he turned his talents to analysis. He could easily fill Roy Jones’ job on HBO, leaving Roy time to climb to the top in Latvia.

    • Despite the lack of PED testing that would rubber-stamp BHop’s accomplishments, I’m in awe of what he’s doing at almost 50 years of age.

      I love this fight and think it’s the best & most competitive that can be made out of the Kovalev/Adonis/Hopkins trio of 175 titlists. Nobody with Kovalev’s style has ever beaten Hopkins, and he only has that one defeat since Calzaghe in 2007. Also, Kovalev has never been tested beyond 8 rounds.

      Pascal dropping Hopkins twice gives me pause, considering Kovalev is a much bigger puncher and better technically, but I’m going to have to pick BHop by narrow decision.

      Whatever happens, he deserves ridiculous plaudits for daring to be great and taking on such a fearsome challenge (which Adonis, the division’s lineal champ, fled from) when he has had nothing to prove for basically the last decade. Whatever you think about his style’s aesthetic appeal, it’s time to appreciate that we are watching fistic history every time he steps between the ropes

  2. I take nothing away from his accomplishments. The man deserves his props, and he gets them.

    “Whatever you think about his style’s aesthetic appeal, it’s time to appreciate that we are watching fistic history every time he steps between the ropes.”

    Mick Jagger is still stepping through certain ropes, too, no small feat at 70 or 100, or whatever he actually is. I liked my Stones growing up, but I can’t watch now. It is *all* in the aesthetic appeal for me, finally.

    Anyway, I want him to get out unhurt.

    I assume after retirement he’ll stay in the promoting game. But how fine for us if he were to enter broadcasting, where he could be a great analyst, and even more profoundly, a voice for the sport. I love listening to Hopkins who has a gift of intellect and perception; he might have made a hell of a writer, too.

    • Lol, the difference is that Jagger is a shell of what he once was, whereas Hopkins is still operating at the highest echelons of his profession. Incidentally, Jagger is also the more likely of the two to leave his stage hurt haha

      I’ve heard BHop a few times on commentary &, unsurprisingly, he is terrific. Hope he does more of it once his career ends

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