3 thoughts on “Thomas Hauser examines the marginalization of boxing in America’s print media: “100 Days: The New York Times and Boxing”

  1. Good, if ultimately depressing, work by Hauser.

    Oddly, not a word in there on whether the NYT covers MMA. It is a natural question to ask: has MMA usurped boxing in Times coverage? (Hauser’s views on the sport are exhaustively documented here: http://tinyurl.com/mq5epth.)

    There is a vulgar irony in the following, where Hauser quotes the paper’s sports editor:

    ““When I was a kid, I was enchanted by Hagler, Leonard, Duran, Barkley, Mugabi, Spinks, Hearns. But I have a hard time watching it, considering everything we’ve learned in recent years about the long-term effects of repeated brain trauma. it’s just a little too jarring for me.”

    If this sounds effete, a bit too “oh, no rough stuff for us,” it’s worth remembering that the New York Times is every bit the lusty advocate of American military action that FOX News is. In fact, in the run-up to the Iraq fiasco, its reporter, the since-disgraced Judith Miller, was the main conduit in our news media for fake WMD propaganda. It was chipper last month about the slaughter in Gaza.

    No mountain of corpses is too high for the Times, but boxing is too dangerous. The key to getting the paper to take note is moving the rings into war zones.

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