4 thoughts on “Full Fight Video – Adrien Broner vs. Emmanuel Taylor

  1. Funny how the next Mayweather keeps struggling with the next Andre Bertos and Victor Ortizes.

    I’ll slightly favor Broner over the reincarnation of Arturo Gatti, Lucas Matthysse, but the volume attack will be very painful for him. Lacking the mobility of Danny Garcia and Zab Judah will make it hard for the flat-footed Problem to get out of the way, and some hard punches will be FedEx’d through his skull.

    I wouldn’t give him too many years in the sport.

    • It’s plainly obvious by now that Broner was hugely overrated (hard to believe that the Maidana fight was originally going to be his debut as PPV headliner). I regret not voicing my dissent pre-Maidana loss as vociferously as I had before his DeMarco & Rees performances swayed me somewhat.

      He is not the same man above 135, and I expect the careful matchmaking to continue.

      I’d be surprised if he faced Lucas next, but I’d marginally favour the Argentine

      • Bigger puncher against poor defense?

        I see these variables: Broner’s faster handspeed, Matthysse’s problems with slick fighters, and Matthysse’s ring wear. Caveat stands that Broner’s too stationary — still, Matthysse is very hittable, too.

        But mindful of Bhop’s criticism, I think fights with hard punchers will shorten Broner’s career precipitously. I agree with you the money behind Mini-Money has to protect him as long as they can.

      • Yes, Matthysse has a number of weaknesses also & I can certainly see Broner beating him, especially with a bit more seasoning

        I’m sure Al Haymon has the same mindset as us and will want to be very careful with a potential cash cow in Broner.

        Also, what do you make of Jay Z’s (holder of an old grudge against Haymon) Rocnation bidding big for Quillin-Korobov & the ignominy of Haymon ordering Quillin to vacate his title by pulling out of the fight (and a payday more than 3 times what he’s earned before)?

        Jay Z could become boxing’s biggest troll and this first move made me belly-laugh. Rumour has it that a similar situation could arise in the upcoming Danny Garcia-Postol and Wilder-Stiverne purse bids, and how would that make Haymon’s guys look?

        Surely, Garcia, after the Salka debacle and Herrera decision, and Wilder, due to his terrible level of opposition, get enough flack already haha

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