6 thoughts on “Video – ALL ACCESS: MAYWEATHER VS. MAIDANA II Episode 2

    • I think too many people are assuming that this is guaranteed to be a much easier night for Floyd.

      I see one of two things happening: most likely, it is easier, but he still endures tough moments and loses a few rounds en route to the UD…or it’s Jones-Tarver II & he suffers his first defeat

      • I doubt it’s easier for him, as I doubt Maidana can do anything better. I expect Floyd is pushed around a bit like last time, then out-lands for the UD.

        The specter of him meeting his Tarver: I believe you’ve said before you think he’ll end up needing to box past his sell-by date.

        Btw, how’s it going with the movie?

      • Yes, his Tarver moment is unlikely to come just yet, but Mayweather is clearly past his prime, and one can only tempt fate so much.

        Very well, we’ve been accepted into a film festival, and I actually emailed you a link to the movie the other day!

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